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Rememberance of Things Past

(CNN)  July 28-- Patrycja Makowska likes to give enigmatic names to the extraordinarily beautiful photographs she shoots of crumbling palaces.  The images show vast ornate ballrooms, swirling spiral staircases and elegant chapels strewn with rubble. Sunlight shafts bore in through broken windows or holes in roofs. Sometimes an abandoned toy or chair adds a poignant human touch to the dereliction. But that's not where the enigma of her work ends. Despite creating alluring images of abandoned buildings, she's determined to keep their locations a mystery. Makowska, who lives in Warsaw, took up photography about 12 years ago.

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important mundane events.  Shown here is the chart for the Sun's entry  into sidereal Cancer at Warsaw, Poland.   As regular readers know configurations that aspect the angles are saying something specific for the place. Here we notice the TNP Cupido opposite  TNPs Kronos-Hades and the planet Venus forma a T-square with the MC.

CUPIDO: Issues in the family history; group unity or dynamics; comments on the home, residence or household themes; decor; artistry; sense for art.

KRONOS: Authoritative positions; events through people in the public eye; well known or famous.

HADES:  debilitation or deterioration; interest in the past.

The three TNPS can combine to produce the key phrase “famous buildings (or those belonging to aristocrats)  of the past, now in a state of disrepair”.

Progressing the chart to July 28, the date of the news item, brings the meridian axis to an alignment with a T-square containing Moon-Pluto-Kronos-Hades with the Moon on the IC. When progressions bring to the angles either planets, planetary configurations or stars whose themes resonate with those in the radix, events take place. Here we have Kronos-Hades in Cancer – a sign associated with memories of the past (*) as also with houses and places of residence. Moon, as the ruler of Cancer, is in aspect so that we have a double whammy. Finally, Pluto is concerned with radical events including wars and devastation as also with the stage when things are collapsing or in a state of disrepair.

(*) It may be interesting to recall that the famous writer Marcel Proust who wrote “Rememberance of Things Past” was a Cancerian!