Wednesday, 8 June 2016

If no-one helps you after a car crash in India, this is why

Mercury – god of roads

When a road accident occurs, bystanders will usually try to help the injured, or at least call for help. In India it's different. In a country with some of the world's most dangerous roads, victims are all too often left to fend for themselves.

Kanhaiya Lal desperately cries for help but motorists swerve straight past him. His young son and the splayed bodies of his wife and infant daughter lie next to the mangled motorbike on which they had all been travelling seconds earlier.

The widely broadcast CCTV footage of this scene - showing the suffering of a family of hit-and-run victims in northern India in 2013 and the apparent indifference of passers-by - troubled many Indians. Delhi, June 8;

This magazine article about road accidents in India comes just two  days before a Mercury-Mars exact opposition. And for Delhi from where the writer filed the article, this opposition is precisely on the meridian axis making hard aspects to a Hades-Kronos conjunction.

In astrology it is well known that a Mercury-Mars aspect is linked to road accidents but it is only when we examine the asteroid picture that the answer to the apparent indifference of passers-by begins to emerge. Here Mercury is conjunct the asteroids Circe and Amor. It is also square Arachne. Martha Wescott provides the following keywords at her website [1].

AMOR: The “conditions” one places on unconditional love—the understanding of what LOVE is/means; what interferes or blocks the love and acceptance (of self & others); figuring out whether you can (or should) “remain loving” (whatever that means to you;) can you/ should you “set boundaries” or limits on what happens in the name of “love”? 

CIRCE: Helping, being of assistance & coming to the rescue.

ARACHNE:Ientanglement; layered complications; entrapment.

HADES: Disgust/distaste.

KRONOS:  dealing with “red tape,”; laws; police.

The entire news story can be easily built up from these elements. Helpers feel the need to set boundaries on what they do in the name of caring. They fear entanglement with “red tape”, laws or the police. These laws are quite disgusting.

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