Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mercury-Uranus: China makes aviation history

Pegasus – the Flying Horse

China's first national passenger jet, the C919, is making its maiden flight, signaling that the country has made it to "the highest league of the aircraft industry," according to the Russian online newspaper Vzglyad. The C919, China's first-ever jet airliner, took to the skies for the first time on Friday. The world's second-largest economy hopes it will be an apt challenger to the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.  April 6.

The  news of the maiden flight of China’s first  national passenger jet comes just after Mercury turned direct on April 4. A chart for the Mercury station at Shanghai is shown here. Mercury is conjunct Uranus – a combination that is linked to technological breakthroughs (Uranus) in communication/ transportation (Mercury). Here  Uranus (+9d21m) is parallel in declination to the star Enif, epsilon Pegasi (+9d53) in the constellation of the Flying Horse – a perfect ancient symbol for a modern day aircraft.  The Mercury-Uranus conjunction is part of a T-square with the TNPS Apollon and Vulcanus that straddles the horizon axis. Keywords for the TNPs are as below [1]:

APOLLON Expansiveness, science, trade, commerce, success
VULCANUS Great amounts of sustained force, great strength, intense power.

If we combine them we can see that the commercial success was a product of great and sustained effort.

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