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Indian Govt announces Kashmir talks

Home minister Rajnath Singh on Monday announced that former Intelligence Bureau director Dineshwar Sharma will hold talks with “all stakeholders” in Kashmir. Kashmir saw a fresh wave of violence since July last year after government forces shot dead militant leader Burhan Wani. On Independence Day this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Kashmir’s problems could only be solved by embracing its people, not through abuse or bullets. Oct 23

The Kashmir Conflict is one of the biggest disputes of the past century and one of the longest existing conflicts. It began officially on 1947 and continues to this day. In 68 years it has caused the death, displacement and destruction of thousands of people.

The current unrest in Kashmir, also known as the Burhan aftermath, refers to a series of violent protests in the Kashmir Valley of the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. It started with the killing of Burhan Wani, a commander of the Kashmir-based Islamic militant organisation Hizbul Mujahideen, by Indian security forces on 8 July 2016. After his killing, anti-Indian protests started in all 10 districts of the Kashmir Valley. Protesters defied curfew with attacks on security forces and public properties.

With appointment of an interlocutor, the  government has finally admitted that its 'muscular approach' has failed in J&K. But why is this occurring now. Well for one thing, the warrior planet Mars has just entered Libra -the sign of dialogue and accommodation.  Given its aggressive nature, Mars isn't entirely comfortable in Libra. Libra is opposite of Mars' natural home in Aries, so its placement in Libra is weak. But that's ok, because Mars in Libra creates happy opportunities for co-operation and reflection, which results in an overall peaceful time.

A chart for the  entry of Mars into Libra drawn for Delhi is shown here.  Notice the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the IC  opposition Uranus on the MC. The meridian also aligns with the current New Moon.  Uranus on the MC is conjunct stars of King Cepheus often portrayed as an authoritarian who is opinionated and knuckles under no one. With Uranus, the planet of reversals, conjunct the stars of the King, the possibility of a change of mind becomes high. Moreover, the Sabian symbol for Uranus [26ar23] confirms this [1]:

26-27 deg Aries: Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained

Keynote: Revision of attitude and inner revaluation.