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UK house prices in biggest monthly fall in a year

House prices in England and Wales fell by 0.2% in September - the biggest monthly fall in nearly a year, according to the Land Registry. Annual house price inflation also fell, from 8.4% in August, to 7.2% in September. That is the first time since May 2013 that the yearly rate has gone down, the Land Registry said. The largest monthly fall was in Yorkshire and Humberside, where prices declined by 2.2%. The average house price is now £177,299, well short of the peak of £181,324 in November 2007. BBC; 28 October 2014

It is well known that an eclipse creates major changes especially in areas ruled by the house it falls. Shown here is the chart for the solar eclipse of 23 October at London. Notice that it falls in the mundane fourth house.

Fourth House:
Land; buildings and the property market.

Therefore, the news about a steep fall in property prices should come as no surprise.