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Jupiter-Uranus-Ceres: New food-making technology?

A team of researchers in Finland has successfully created food using electricity.  Well, calling it food is a bit of a stretch at this point-but it's a start. By mixing three ingredients into a coffee-cup-sized bioreactor and supplying an electric shock, they zapped a powder into being that's around 50% protein and 25% carbohydrates, with the rest being fat and nucleic acid.

In mundane astrology, the Sun’s ingress into cardinal signs are important events. Of these the Capricorn Ingress chart is often considered to be the most important. So important that the progression of the angles of this chart are used to identify significant events. Shown here is Capricorn ingress chart at Lappeenranta, Finland progressed to July 19, the date the University website announced the discovery [1]. Notice that the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Ceres T-square aligns with th…

Russia sanctions and the US Sibly

There’s been a lot going on this week, so it’s unsurprising that an extremely important vote in Congress failed to get the attention it deserves. What I’m referring to is the recent Russia/Iran/North Korea sanctions bill passed by the House of Representatives in a frighteningly lopsided 419-3 vote.

The horoscope of a country is perhaps the most important mundane chart ….more important than all the planetary ingress or eclipse charts used routinely by astrologers. The Sibly is the chart for the US that has stood the test of time. To explain the news, I begin with the solar return for the Sibly.  I draw my readers’ attention to the Hades-Kronos-Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Zeus-Pluto T-square.
When war god Mars opposes Pluto, there is danger of an overkill. If the lower levels of this aspect are being expressed, i.e., the individual seeks to force the  will upon others for the sheer sake of power OVER others (out of i…

Sperm count drops among western men

Sperm counts among men have more than halved in the last 40 years, research suggests, although the drivers behind the decline remain unclear. The latest findings reveal that between 1973 and 2011, the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate of men in western countries has fallen by an average of 1.4% a year, leading to an overall drop of just over 52%. “The results are quite shocking,” said Hagai Levine, an epidemiologist and lead author of the study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The chart for the last solar eclipse of February 26, 2017 drawn for Jerusalem, where the study was carried out, will help explain the news. The eclipse is significant for the place as it falls on the descendant. It  also makes hard aspects to the Mars-Venus square Pluto combination placed in the 8th and 5th houses.
Skyscript provides the following  areas of rulership for 5th and 8th…

London ‘honor killing’

An Indian Muslim teenager was allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered before her butchered body was stuffed in a freezer because she started a relationship with an Arab Muslim, a court has heard. The body of Celine Dookhran, 19, was found inside a £1.5 million (US$1.95 million) home in Kingston last Wednesday ( July 19) after a woman in her 20s who had her throat slit alerted police from hospital. The two women were said to have been Tasered, bound and gagged, and kidnapped by masked men. They were reportedly taken to a house in Coombe Lane West, where they were both raped and Dookhran was killed.

To understand this tragic news, we go back to the last solar eclipse of February 26. At London, the eclipse was placed in the mundane 8th house and anchored through hard aspects to the Mars-Venus-Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto T-square straddling the meridian.  In astrology, the importance of the angles can never be overemphasized. A chart, nat…

New US Anti-Russian Sanctions Might Break G7 Unity

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) — European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is concerned over the new package of US anti-Russian sanctions as they might undermine transatlantic and G7 unity, media reported Monday.
Synastry is the art of relationship Astrology. It is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals or groups interact with one another. No matter how hard we try we cannot get away from the issues that our relationship charts bring up. At any point in time progressed interchart  aspects between two entities can illuminate the issues involved in the interaction. The table below  gives the forming aspects (within the next 2 years) for the European Union’s progressed solar arc  positions in aspect to US Sibly radix positions.

EU2 - Natal Chart  1 Nov 1993, 0:00 am, CET -1:00  Brussels Belgium, 50°N50', 004°E20'  Geocentric Tropical Zodiac  Placidus Houses,  True Node
Radix Positions Chart  Sibly - Natal Chart  4 Jul 1776 NS, 5:10 pm…

Brilliant mathematician Mirzakhani dies

Andromeda about to be devoured by Cetus
Most of Tehran’s newspapers put a remarkable photo on their front page last Sunday. It showed an Iranian woman with short hair, her head uncovered. Officials allowed editors to ignore Iran’s strict dress code for female pictures, to mark the death of the mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani. Although she left Iran for the US in 1999, Mirzakhani, who was 40, remained a heroine for many in her home country, including President Hassan Rouhani who released a condolence message about her “unique brilliance” and her contribution to the scientific progress of Iranian women.

Stanford mathematics Professor Maryam Mirzakhani (b. 3 May, 1977), the first and to-date only female winner of the Fields Medal since its inception in 1936, died Friday, July 14. She had been battling breast cancer since 2013; the disease spread to her liver and bones in 2016. Mirzakhani was 40 years old. She died at Stanford…

John McCain diagnosed with cancer

Just days after John McCain had a blood clot removed above his left eye, late on Wednesday his office announced that McCain has a brain tumor associated with the removed blood clot. In a statement doctors revealed that McCain has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer. The statement says the 80-year-old senator and his family are reviewing further treatment, including a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. July 19

An accurate horoscope of John McCain as  provided by Astro-databank [1] is reproduced here. Notice the T-square aspect formed by the Sun-Neptune conjunction opposite Saturn with Jupiter at the apex. Astrologers recognize that natal placements may lie quietly for a long time till activated by a major progression. In the current period McCain’s solar arc progressed Neptune [6sa] forms a square to the Sun [6vi] (the leading edge of the T), thereby triggering the entire configurati…

US-Russia synastry explains property spat

Charts are true. Utterly. With a precision that can stun. The task, then, is to learn and understand the factors and techniques that reveal the truth – Martha Wescott
The disagreement between Washington and Moscow about the return of Russia's diplomatic property in the US will be difficult to resolve since both sides look to be digging their heels in, political scientist Grigory Dobromelov told Radio Sputnik. Killenworth, an estate built in 1913 for George du Pont Pratt and purchased by the former Soviet Union in 1951, is seen in Glen Cove, New York, on December 30, 2016. Killenworth is one of two Russian compounds on the North Shore of Long Island with Norwich House, in Upper Brookville, being closed to Russian officials as part of the sanctions ordered by US President Barack Obama in retaliation for suspected Russian hacking during the US elections. The US is willing to give back Russia's diplomatic properties in the US under the condition that it will receive something in re…

Koreas set to negotiate peace?

South Korea has proposed holding military talks with its northern neighbor, the first such talks since 2014. "We request military talks with the North on July 21 at Tongilgak to stop all hostile activities that raise military tension at the military demarcation line," Vice Defence Minister Suh Choo-suk told a media briefing Monday. 17 July

Eclipses are especially significant for a place if they are placed on the angles or if they aspect them. The September 1, 2016 solar eclipse chart at Tongilgak has the eclipse T-square straddling the meridian. In his essay on the solar eclipse entitled New Directions [1], Nick Fiorenza explains that this eclipse is asking us to make a choice between continuing our old ways of control and domination vs taking a new direction which would require a caring attitude towards all.  Diana Rosenberg is more specific and states that the stars conjunct the eclipse ask for choices must be made between waging war and working for…

Nawaz Sharif’s Fate Hangs on ‘Fontgate’

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)The Microsoft font Calibri could be an unlikely smoking gun in a corruption scandal which has mired Pakistan's ruling family and captivated the country. The scandal centers around allegations that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family owns properties in London through offshore companies. And while owning property in itself is not illegal, opposition parties have questioned if the money to buy them came from public funds. Last November, the Prime Minister's daughter, Maryam, tweeted images of a disclosure form claiming she wasn't the real owner of the apartments. She said the documents proved she was a "trustee and not the owner" of the properties. Investigators looking into the scandal noticed an odd thing. The document is dated 2006. But it was typed using Calibri. And, as the investigators noted in their report, that font was not commercially available until the following year.…

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo dies

Liu Xiaobo ( 28 December 1955 – 13 July 2017) was a Chinese literary critic, writer, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who called for political reforms and was involved in campaigns to end communist single-party rule. He was incarcerated as a political prisoner in Jinzhou, Liaoning. On 26 June 2017, he was granted medical parole after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and he died at the hospital on 13 July 2017.

A chart for the current Full Moon at Shenyang, China where Xiaobo died is shown here. Notice that the Full Moon aligns with the Mars-Pluto opposition on the meridian and forms a T with Jupiter on the Ascendant.
When the higher aspects of the Mars-Pluto opposition is expressed, there is  a determination to fight for social issues.  When positive, this energy has the driving force of the unencumbered higher self that moves mountains from inspired passion based on a sense of duty, purpose, and necessity. Courag…

Wine nearly as old as the United States discovered

Neptune (Dionysus) – the wine maker

A restoration project at a New Jersey museum unearthed cases of wine nearly as old as the United States.  The Liberty Hall Museum in Union says it discovered almost three full cases of Madeira wine, a fortified wine, dating to 1796 while restoring its wine cellar. ( ) reports the museum also found 42 demijohns — large glass jugs sometimes used for holding spirits — dating to the 1820s.  The museum said the monetary value of the wine cannot be made public.  The original 13 colonies imported about 95 percent of the wine produced on the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, according to historical accounts. Bill Schroh, Liberty Hall's director of operations, said Madeira was the best wine to ship during the 18th century because it almost never spoils — even centuries later if stored properly. July 12

Understanding the …

Beetle art wins hearts online

Pictor – the Painter’s Easel

Spike, who lives in Japan's Nagano prefecture with his human a teacher named Mandy Bryant, is a stag beetle. Found in many parts of Asia, stag beetles are listed as a globally threatened species. Spike is "sweet and curious," Ms Bryant told the BBC. "He is very special. For a little bug, he has a lot of personality," she said.  11 July,

In mundane astrology, charts for exact planetary aspects are considered important. On July 10, the Sun formed an exact opposition to Pluto. A chart for this event drawn for Nagano has Mercury conjunct the MC.
Mercury [7le]  conjoins Praesepe, the Beehive Star Cluster (M44) in Cancer commonly referred to as the Crab, but also the Egyptian Scarabaeus.  The Scarabaeus is more specifically a dung beetle but a beetle nonetheless which is quite similar to a female Stag Beetle [1][2][3]. Unlike the male,  the female Stag beetle does not have antlers.
Mercury makes…

Cosco Shipping purchases Orient Overseas

Cosco Shipping's purchase of Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas makes the Chinese state-owned firm the world’s third-largest bulk shipping company, and the largest servicing the lucrative Asia to North America route, beating out Copenhagen-based A.P. Moller-Maersk and France’s CMA CGM.

In mundane astrology, the horoscopes drawn for the phases of the Moon at any place can help explain important events. This is especially so when important planetary configurations align with the horizon or meridian axes.  

The news of Cosco’s purchase of Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas comes just a day after the Full Moon. At Hongkong, the luminaries align with the meridian forming a T-square with Jupiter-Pluto. The reference below explains the meaning of this combination.
Pluto, representing power and control, is often involved by transiting aspect in buyouts and takeovers of corporations.  Jupiter-Pluto an a…

India’s riots and Saturn-Pluto

Last month Prime Minister Narendra Modi said murder in the name of cow protection is "not acceptable". Hours after his comments, a Muslim man was reportedly killed by a mob who accused him of transporting beef in his car. Under Mr Modi's Hindu nationalist BJP, the cow has become a polarising animal and religious divisions are widening. Restrictions on the sale and slaughter of cows are fanning confusion and vigilantism. The recent spate of lynchings in India have disturbed many. Muslim men have been murdered by Hindu mobs, mostly in BJP-ruled states, for allegedly storing beef and, in one case for helping a mixed-faith couple elope.

Perhaps the most significant feature in the mundane horoscope of India is a Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the IC square Jupiter.   Nick Fiorenza in his excellent article entitled The Saturn-Pluto Synodic Cycles:  A Historical Exploration writes:

Synodic cycles are created when two (or more) planet…

Oral sex spreading unstoppable bacteria

Botticelli – Venus and Mars

Oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhoea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread, the World Health Organization has said. It warns that if someone contracts gonorrhoea, it is now much harder to treat, and in some cases impossible. The sexually transmitted infection is rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics. Experts said the situation was "fairly grim" with few new drugs on the horizon. July 7;

The World Health Organization has its headquarters in Geneva. Presented here is the chart for the Full Moon of July 9 drawn for Geneva. The Full Moon not only aligns with the horizon axis but is also anchored through hard aspects to Venus-Admetus-Mars-Pluto. The extract from the reference below shows how Venus-Pluto are linked to venereal diseases.

Venus Diseases: Blood impurities that poison the system, tonsillitis, measles, smallpox, kidney disease. Venus rules venereal diseases along with Pluto. (p.1…

Trump and Putin can begin a new era of peace

President Donald Trump flew off for his first meeting with Vladimir Putin — with instructions from our foreign policy elite that he get into the Russian president’s face over his hacking in the election of 2016.

The Synastry Chart is the combination of two individuals Birth (or Natal) Charts overlayed on one another to give insight into the dynamics of their relationship. More information about the interaction between the individuals  can be obtained for a given period by comparing how the progressed planets of one person interact with the radix of the other. Table I gives Putin’s progressed planets to Trump’s natal while Table II gives Trump’s progressed to Putin’s natal planets.
Putin - Natal Chart  7 Oct 1952, 12:39 pm, BAT -3:00  St.Petersburg Russia, 59°N55', 030°E15'  Geocentric Tropical Zodiac  Koch Houses,  True Node
Donald Trump - Natal Chart  14 Jun 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00  Jamaica NY, 40°N41'29'', 073°…