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On why Trump wants Greenland

After rebuffing Donald J. Trump's hypothetical proposal to purchase Greenland, the government of Denmark has announced that it would be interested in buying the United States instead. "As we have stated, Greenland is not for sale," a spokesperson for the Danish government said on Friday. "We have noted, however, that during the Trump regime pretty much everything in the United States, including its government, has most definitely been for sale."

In a previous post [1], I wrote:
The chart of the USA (7/4/1776) also called the Sibly is undergoing a Pluto return i.e. Pluto returning to the position it occupied in the radix.The Pluto Return is an extremely rare event. Since Pluto takes almost 250 years to complete one orbit around the Sun, no individual human being lives long enough to experience a Pluto Return. Not even close. Nations can, but few do. So, America’s Pluto Return is a singular event of pote…
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Astrology of the Brazil wildfires

The Brazil wildfires are now receiving international attention. Most of the wildfires have occurred in the Amazon region, the world's largest rainforest, which is considered to be "vital to counter global warming". As of August 20, there are fires burning in the rainforest in four Brazilian states: Amazonas, Rondônia, Mato Grosso and Pará. Many events like this one can be related to the New Moon or Full Moon. Here is the chart for the current New Moon of August 1 at Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Notice that it is placed very significantly on the lower meridian forming a square (90degrees) aspect to Uranus on the Ascendant.

Among events connected to the stars that conjoin the New Moon, Diana Rosenberg lists “fires”. Moreover, Uranus [6ta] on the Ascendant is among stars of Cepheus also called “inflammatus”. 
Diana Rosenberg writes:
There are devastating fires here – among them the Great Fire of Rome, 64 CE; the Charleston SC fire of 1838 that destroyed more than half …

Symbolic message of accident on US aircraft carrier

What makes astrology supremely relevant is that it discloses an unsuspected dimension of the world we think we know so well. It is as though we have become accustomed to see only the horizontal yarn of the weaving, the weft, and are largely unaware of the warp. We are accustomed to break down our world, in order to understand it, into certain categories, recognizing what belongs to this category, what belongs to that. That is ‘scientific’. However, astrology is about learning to think in new categories. It embodies a system of new categories that are as different from the ones to which we are habituated, as the warp is from the weft. In this system objects and events that at first sight appear to have nothing whatever to do with each other are shown to be intimately connected. Conversely, things we naturally tend to associate may be distributed otherwise in the astrological scheme. Understanding the world around us depends on our power to perceive patterns of meaning, to make the righ…

Astrology of the Yemen civil war

Putting to rest any remaining doubt of America's continued deep military involvement in the Yemen war, a US military drone was shot down outside the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on Tuesday night. After local footage of fiery wreckage falling from the night sky over Yemen appeared online, US officials confirmed to Reuters on Wednesday that it was authentic, and further it was the second such US drone shoot down in months. Aug. 21

The Yemeni Civil War is an ongoing conflict that began on 19 March 2015 between two factions: the Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi supported by the Saudis and the Houthi armed movement, along with their supporters and allies. Both claim to constitute the official government of Yemen. Houthi forces are currently controlling the capital Sanaʽa, allied with forces loyal to the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, have clashed with the forces loyal to Hadi who are based in Aden.

A chart fo…

Syrian Army enters Khan Sheikhoun

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has entered Khan Sheikhoun after the militants withdrew from the northern sector of the city this morning. According to a military source in nearby Hama, the Syrian Arab Army entered the northern sector of the city after receiving the green light from their high command. The Syrian Army is now combing through the empty neighborhoods to secure the city and clear any explosives left behind by the jihadist rebels before they withdrew from Khan Sheikhoun. Aug. 20

The horoscope of Syria is based on the French transfer of power to the Syrian Government on Jan. 1, 1944; 00.00. AM EET (+00.00) [1]. Our attention is immediately drawn to the long drawn transit of Saturnand Pluto opposite the Sun and conjunct the MC of the chart since 2013 roughly the period of the war when US and Saudi sponsored jihadists descended to create chaos in the country. Now with Saturn about to st…

Putin-Macron meeting ends acrimony

“Initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries were sometimes called scarabs; again, lions and panthers. The scarab was the emissary of the sun, symbolizing light, truth, and regeneration.” – Manly P. Hall

The Immortal Egyptian Beetle

Five years is a long time in politics. In 2014, relations between Russia and the West went into a nosedive over Ukraine and Syria. The “annexation” of Crimea, the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine destroyed the partial re-establishment of normal relations which had started in 2008 with President Obama’s “re-set” and Nicolas Sarkozy’s rapprochement with Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin’s visit on Monday to the fort at Bregancon, the official summer residence of the French president, demonstrates that that period is now officially closed. On every level, the West has now abandoned its earlier hostility to Putin and Russia.

Lunations (New or Full Moons) can affect a pl…

Paris waiter 'shot dead over slow service'

A waiter near Paris has been shot dead by a customer who was reportedly angry because his sandwich was not prepared quickly enough. Police say a murder investigation has been launched after the incident on Friday evening in the eastern suburb of Noisy-le-Grand. The suspect fled the scene and has not been caught. Aug. 18

Astrologers routinely cast horoscopes for exact planetary aspects. While the effect of these aspects are worldwide in scope, those places where significant configurations occupy the angles are the ones most affected. Shown here is the chart at Paris for the Mercury square Uranus on Aug. 16, the very day of the incident. Notice that a Mars-Saturn-Admetus configuration makes hard aspects to the Ascendant.
In astrology, Mars represents how we need to pursue what we want in order to be effective.Ideally, our Mars needs to be spending most of its time in a state of focused action to bring us closer to our goals.In reality, it’s…