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First Quarter Moon highlights neuropsychiatric illnesses

The most comprehensive genomic analysis of the human brain ever undertaken has revealed new insights into the changes it undergoes through development, how it varies among individuals, and the roots of neuropsychiatric illnesses such as autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia. The multi-institutional analysis of almost 2,000 brains integrates the complex choreography of brain development and function and was published Dec. 14 in 11 studies appearing in a special edition of the journal Science and two sister publications.

The results of the study carried out at Yale University was published Dec. 14 justa day before the First Quarter Moon. At New Haven, Connecticut where Yale University is located, the First Quarter Moon fell very significantly square the horizon axis. The Moon is placed in Pisces conjunct Mars and Neptune.
When successfully navigated Pisces – the last sign of the zodiac – is…
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North Node in Cancer:Time for self-nurturance

The Nodes are where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the apparent path the Sun makes around the earth. The Lunar Nodes create the eclipses. We have two eclipse seasons every year. This is when major world events tend to happen on a large scale. And this is when people like you and me have a strong pull to take action, to make a decision, to sort themselves out.
Recently, the North Node moved into Cancer, and the South Node moved into Capricorn. The lunar nodes will stay in Cancer and Capricorn for 18 months, until May 5, 2020. What is the requirement for ordinary individuals?
The South Node in Capricorn is telling us that we may need to get out of what it stands for. Stength, self-denial and character, bred in harsh environment or in the face of relentless pressure. With Capricorn slogging along becomes a habit. So does a sense of hopelessness. After a while we may have stopped noticing the pain or the need. We now need to give ourselves the permission to feel, …

New Moon focus on migration

December 2018 is gearing up to be a pivotal month for migration on the world stage, and the epicentre is here, in Marrakech, Morocco, with two high-level fora (5th-7th December ) taking place concerning development and migration. However, in order for the discussions that take place at these conferences to be impactful on the lives of ordinary people, the outcomes and agreements signed must be used as a catalyst for governments and concerned organisations to address the drivers intrinsic to migration, including rural poverty, lack of economic opportunity and climate change. To put this into practice, we offer our experiences of a grassroots, participatory development method as a humanitarian alternative to migration.

A New Moon when it occurs on the horizon or the meridian of a place carries a special message.At Marrakech, Morocco, the New Moon of 7th December is placed exactly on t…

Hard (Br)exit: Theresa May gets stuck in car

To the magus, there exists no accidental happening…everything is established solidly by that law which the wise man discerns in happenings that appear accidental to the profane. The curve observed in the flight of birds, the barking of a dog, the shape of a cloud, are occult manifestations of that omnipresent, coordinator, the source of unity and harmony - Karl  Seligmann

Britain’s prime minister concedes Parliament won’t approve her Brexit plan without changes. The European Union says no changes are possible. So what’s a politician to do? Play with words. A day after Prime Minister Theresa May canceled a Brexit vote she was sure to lose, leaders on both sides of the Channel sought Tuesday to salvage their deal. European leaders made clear they would not accept changes to the plan: “There is no room whatsoever for renegotiation,” said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. WP Theresa May just can’t catch a break. In the midst of the latest Brexit debacle, the simple act of o…

Iron Age chariot discovered

Auriga – The Charioteer

Archaeologists have uncovered a “spectacular” Iron Age chariot, two horses, and man buried as though they were ready to take off, in an area in Yorkshire where a different chariot was discovered last year. The amazing discovery was found in an Iron Age grave in a building site in Pocklington by MAP Archaeological Practice. “This is a new burial rite which has never been seen before,” Paula Ware from MAP Archaeological Practice told the Yorkshire Post. The two horses buried with the chariot look as though they are “leaping upwards out of the grave,” and archaeologists believe they may be have been buried standing up, with their heads potentially left above ground. They were positioned in the grave with their hooves off the ground and back legs bent. Dec. 11

Charts drawn for the phases of the Moon will often describe an event in stunning detail. The news from Pocklington comes just as the Moon reaches it…

The horoscope of Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron is an instrument of the financial establishment, a former staff of the Rothschilds, acting on their behalf, enforcing a profit driven macro-economic agenda as well boosting the revenues of the military contractors. The tax on fuel serves the interests of powerful creditor  institutions. The tax proceeds will be channelled into servicing France’s spiralling public debt which is  estimated at 2.2 trillion euros, equivalent to 96.8 percent of GDP. Annual debt servicing obligations of the French Republic are staggering. The entire fiscal structure is in crisis.

Macron seems to be vying for the honor of being the most unpopular French leader in history, provoking violent protests that have lasted now for weeks, involving every sector of the population. Macron will probably be able to survive this political storm, but his political future looks …

China Demands Canada Release Meng Wanzhou

China warned Canada on Saturday that there would be severe consequences if it did not immediately release a top executive of Huawei Technologies, calling the case “extremely nasty.” Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s global chief financial officer, was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1 and faces extradition to the United States, where she is accused of covering up her company’s links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to Iran despite sanctions. Ms. Meng is the daughter of Huawei’s founder. Dec. 8
To understand what follows we will take a little digression to illustrate the ideas with a simple experiment. Think of several multi-toothed gear wheels mounted on the same axis but rotating at different speeds – some very fast and others very slow. Now if an observer wishes to shine a ray of light to illuminate an object at the other end of the axis of the rotating wheels, he knows that this can only happen at the mom…