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Rajnikanth – A new star-politician is born

CHENNAI:  The long suspense over whether Rajinikanth would enter politics finally ended today,(Dec.31) with the superstar making the announcement amid frenzied cheers of hundreds of supporters. "I will do my duty... it is time. We will change the system," the 67-year-old declared in Chennai, saying he would form a new party. Claiming that the events in Tamil Nadu over the last year have made the state a laughingstock, he said, "If I don't make this decision now... the guilt will haunt me". The death of AIADMK's iconic leader J Jayalalithaa last December is seen to have left a vacuum in the state's politics. The other big actor, Kamal Haasan, who announced his intention to enter politics last month, has congratulated Rajinikanth. NDTV

Rajnikanth’s chart is available at the reference [1] below. Notice that Mercury has just stationed direct conjunct the IC [14sa] of the chart. This is the position of a  massive galactic anomaly called the Great Attractor (…

Stray dogs attack, kill woman in Modesto

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung
“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
― Gospel of Thomas

A woman was attacked and killed by stray dogs Thursday (Dec.28) morning in the driveway of a south Modesto home, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department said. Deborah Onsurez, 56, was found with severe injuries around 7:50 a.m. outside of a home in the 500 block of Crows Landing Road, the sheriff's department said. She was pronounced dead at the scene. During the preliminary investigation, detective determined Onsurez was killed by stray dogs. Dec. 29

With Uranus about to station direct on Jan.3, we are now seeing the last stage of the Uranus-Pluto square with the two planets separated by about 6 d…

Older Apple iPhones slow down under Mercury retrograde

Dragon – symbol of power, electricity and lightning
Following a strong backlash for conceding they reduced the processing speed of aging iPhones, Apple apologized to customers and lowered the price of the out-of-warranty battery replacements by $50. The tech giant is currently facing nine lawsuits in relation to how the company handles the power management of its batteries in older iPhones.
The backlash against the California-headquartered concern began when a Reddit user posted a report earlier this month, detailing how the performance of their old iPhone increased dramatically after the battery was replaced. The post quickly went viral and many followed suit, complaining about the same issue. Many others have speculated that Apple was engaging in planned obsolescence to boost sales of newer iPhone models. Dec 29

The following extract from Gabriela Herstik can help us understand why the problem with aging iPhones came up du…

Trump battles the Hydra of corruption

Hercules battles the Hydra

The Trump Administration quietly issued an Executive Order (EO) last Thursday which allows for the freezing of US-housed assets belonging to foreign individuals or entities deemed "serious human rights abusers," along with government officials and executives of foreign corporations (current or former) found to have engaged in corruption - which includes the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, and corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources.
The cardinal ingresses of planets are among the more important events in mundane astrology. In the last few days, Saturn, Sun and finally Venus have entered Capricorn. Of these the most important movement is that of Saturn into Capricorn.  For the next three years, karmic Saturn will force  a collect…

Runaway bus kills 5 in Moscow

Five people were killed by a bus that crashed down the stairs of an underground passage in western Moscow, police said. The driver of the bus was taken into custody. The incident happened on Kutuzovsky Avenue, near the Slavyansky Bulvar metro station in the western part of the Russian capital. Five people were killed and about a dozen injured in the crash, police said. Three people were taken to hospital for treatment. Another version is human error, as suggested by people working for the bus line. According to the driver’s supervisor, he might have fallen asleep and pushed the gas pedal accidentally. The supervisor also told RT that the driver had started his shift at 1:30pm on Monday, about two hours before the crash. He also said that the driver had worked normal shifts of 11 hours for the past two days. The director of the bus company is at the scene of the accident, he added. Dec. 25

Just before the Winter Solstice of 2017, …

Mercury Retrograde: Erie woman receives $284 billion electric bill

Mary Horomanski went online earlier this month to check her electric bill. The Erie woman was stunned to see that she owed Penelec, her electricity provider, more than $284 billion — an amount greater than the national debts of Hungary and South Africa combined. “My eyes just about popped out of my head,” said Horomanski, 58. “We had put up Christmas lights and I wondered if we had put them up wrong.” The good news, if you can call it that, was that Horomanski didn’t have to pay the entire $284,460,000,000 until November 2018. Her minimum payment for December was a relatively paltry $28,156. Dec.24

The reference below tells us what Mercury retrograde is and how it works. The most recent Mercury retrograde station took place on Dec. 3 and its direct motion began on Dec. 22 just two days before the news report.
Mercury Retrograde Mercury Retrograde is a period of time when Mercury appears to be going backwar…

Boris Johnson faces test of lies in Moscow

Boris Johnson and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov have sparred over the issue of alleged Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum during the first visit by a British foreign secretary to Moscow for five years. Lavrov made the latest in a series of blanket Russian denials over interference in western votes, and said Johnson himself had said there was “no evidence of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum”.  Dec. 22

To understand what is really going on in this meeting between Lavrov and Johnson, we will look at the Davison Relationship Chart for Russia [1] and UK [2].
What is a Davison relationship chart? The Davison relationship chart [DRC] was named for Ronald C. Davison (1914-1985), author and president of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society of London.  The date and time can be determined by calculating the day that lies exactly between the natal c…

Wheelchair Bound Passenger Denied Boarding

A person with an orthopedic disorder was allegedly harassed by Air India - India’s state-owned airliner, which asked him to dismantle the wires of his battery operated wheelchair. Since neither he nor the airline staff would have been able to put the mechanism back together, he chose not to fly.

The incident is reported to have occurred on Dec. 17 at Bangalore, India just a day before a New Moon that occurred very prominently placed on the MC at the place. Moreover, the New Moon made a square aspect to the Mercury-Hades midpoint. Key phrases for the combination are as under:
Mercury-Hades: sad or depressing news;  humiliation while travelling.

Finally on the IC [22ge52] is the star alpha (α) Auriga, Capella [22ge07]. This is a white star and the 6th largest star in the sky marking the goat that the Charioteer is carrying on his left shoulder [1]. In her book, Secrets of the Ancient Skies, for this area of stars, Diana Rosenberg includes “crippling disabilities r…

Britain's New Aircraft Carrier Springs a Leak

The Royal Navy's newest and biggest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth which cost more than £3 billion pounds (over $4 billion) to build, has reportedly been taking on up to 200 liters of seawater every hour due to a problem with one of its propeller shafts, British media reported. The leak developed by the Navy’s future flagship less than a month after it was officially commissioned by the Queen, is so serious that the ship may need to go back into dry dock and cost millions to repair, The Telegraph wrote.

The news about the aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, can be easily understood if we examine the chart for the last Full Moon of December 3, drawn for London. Here the luminaries align with the horizon axis and square Neptune – the planet which rules ‘leaks’.
“Neptune, through its ability to transform, leaking into places it shouldn’t always do, has a weak sense of boundaries and is often found merging with the immediate environment”  http://theas…

Declassified documents show US lied to Gorbachev

Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner . U.S. Secretary of State James Baker's famous "not one inch eastward" assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990, was part of a cascade of assurances about Soviet security given by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German unification in 1990 and on into 1991, according to declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University . Dec. 16

Currently, a retrograde Mercury square Neptune in transit. Mercury-Neptune hard aspects can refer to vagueness in communication at best or attempts to decei…

The unraveling of CIA’s lies

The Virgin and the Crow

Years late to the party, mainstream media outlets like USA Today, Reuters, and Buzzfeed are just out with "breaking" and "exclusive" stories detailing how a vast arsenal of weapons sent to Syria by the CIA in cooperation with US allies fuelled the rapid growth of ISIS. The original study that Buzzfeed and other media are referencing comes from a UK-based independent weapons research organization called Conflict Armament Research (CAR) which has had a team of weapons and munitions experts on the ground in the Middle East for years examining arms and equipment recovered from ISIS and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Using serial numbers, crate shipping markings, and all available forensics data, the CAR experts began finding that as early as 2013 to 2014 much of the Islamic State's advanced weapons systems as well as small arms were clearly sourced to the United States and the West.  Dec.15…

Mysterious events at a Prestbury grave

In a pretty Cotswold village, a mystery has been puzzling residents for decades. Following the death of local Boy Scout Karl Smith in 1947, mysterious gifts and messages began appearing on his grave in Prestbury. Despite his sister Ann Kear's best efforts, the identity of the visitor has never been revealed. Journalist Camila Ruz joins Ann on her quest to track down the stranger who has been visiting her brother's grave for up to 70 years.  Dec.10

A chart for the December Full Moon at Prestbury is exactly aligned with the horizon and also square Neptune. Neptune has domain over “entities in the invisible dimensions: fairies and leprechauns, nature spirits and ghosts of the departed, spirits that have never been incarnate, angels and archangels” [1]. Neptune [11pi] is conjunct stars in the Waters of  Aquarius which in ancient China was Hiu-Liang related to cemeteries and burial places.  Resonating wi…

Fire at Austria gas plant

A big blast has rocked a major natural gas hub in Austria, killing one person and injuring at least 18, police say. A fire followed the blast which happened around 08:45 (07:45 GMT) at the Baumgarten site, just east of the capital Vienna, near the Slovak border. On Twitter, Austrian police said the situation was under control and a technical fault had caused the blast. The flow of Russian gas to Europe has dropped, triggering price hikes. Italy declared a state of emergency.

Mercury retrogrades are known for accidents. That the blast at the natural gas hub Austria  is linked to Mercury retrograde can be seen clearly if we draw the chart for the retrograde station on December 3 at Vienna, Austria. Notice the Mars-Zeus conjunction on the MC is opposite Uranus square Pluto.This is deadly combination for explosions and accidents. In addition, Neptune the planet with rules oil and natural gas makes a hard aspect to Mars on the MC.

Recall that U…

Libra Ingress and the Thomas Fire

The Thomas Fire is a massive wildfire burning in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, in the cities of Ventura, Ojai, and Santa Paula, and one of multiple wildfires that started in early December 2017, in Southern California. The fire began north of Santa Paula, near Steckel Park and Thomas Aquinas College, on December 4, 2017. It has burned approximately 231,700 acres (938 km2), becoming the largest wildfire of the 2017 California wildfire season, and the fifth-largest wildfire in modern California history.

It has long been the custom in mundane astrology  to consider maps drawn for the time of the entry of the Sun into the cardinal signs: Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn. Of these, the Aries Ingress was by tradition considered the most important and possibly to be thought of as “the map of the year”. Led by Carter astrologers have begun to consider the Capricorn as the prime ingress. It was Carter who suggested that if the sidereal zodiac were …

Pentagon starts first-ever financial audit

Department of Defense (DOD) officials announced Friday that the agency would undergo the first full-scale audit in its history. Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist said at a press conference that the audit would begin this month. "It is important that the Congress and the American people have confidence in DOD's management of every taxpayer dollar," Norquist said. Dec.8

The announcement comes just two days before the Last Quarter Moon. A chart for the Moon phase at Washington, DC is shown here. As a general rule what is brought up to (or aspects the angles) is significant for the place. Here we have the TNP Zeus on the Ascendant square  Pluto and the asteroid Juno on the IC in Capricorn. Martha Wescott interprets these as follows:
JUNO: Partners; marriage/relationship; maintenance of one's rights or position with other; question of “rights” and fairness/compromise; enforcem…

CNN Russiagate Debacle Causes Media Embarrassment

CNN on Friday issued a correction of a story detailing an email sent to top Trump world officials about hacked documents from WikiLeaks. Earlier Friday, CNN published a story saying that then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., and other Trump Organization staffers received a September 4, 2016, email. The email offered a decryption key and web address for a cache of hacked documents WikiLeaks possessed. But the email was actually sent on September 14, CNN said. Dec.9

Is there a simple astrological reason for this blunder by CNN? Yes, there is, if we start with US Sibly, where transit Neptune [11pi] is currently placed in the 3rd house. Let us recall that the luminaries  of the Full Moon of Dec. 3 aligned with the Sibly horizon axis  square transit Neptune in the Sibly 3rd house.  Neptune rules lies and deception while the 3rd house in mundane astrology rules the media.

Third House In Mundane Astrology:
National rumours, propagand…

Trump rejects Libyan PM’s request for protection

The Prime Minister of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Serraj has requested that The US President Donald Trump to provide a more active US role, including a guarantee of personal security for himself and his government, The Guardian reported on Wednesday. The Guardian reported a US source familiar with the talks between Trump and Al-Serraj that the requests of the Libyan PM were rebuffed. “They wanted a military guarantee from the United States that we would basically defend their block in Tripoli,” the source added. He added that there were deep misgivings about corruption in the Libyan unity government “GNA” and the human rights record of the militias protecting it. Dec. 7
In a previous post [1] we have explained the meaning of  the December 3 Full Moon falling on the horizon axis of the US Sibley chart.
In mundane astrology, the First House refers to …

Wildfires Rage in California

Strong winds brought more terror to residents in California's San Diego and Riverside counties as quick-moving wildfires closed in on their communities on Friday, causing thousands more to evacuate. Burning in San Diego is the churning Lilac fire, which has consumed roughly 4,100 acres in the span of 12 hours. Already 60 percent contained is the much smaller Liberty fire, the second-newest fire to ignite, estimated to have burned a mere 300 acres in Riverside, according to Cal Fire. Dec. 9

We shall see in this post how the December 3, Full Moon (also a SuperMoon) is a major culprit for this fire. A chart for the Full Moon at San Diego is shown here. The Moon is square Neptune [11pi] conjunct the stars of Phoenix, the Firebird so that Diana Rosenberg links this area to “major city-wide fires”.  
The stars were transited at the 64 CE Great Fire of Rome that destroyed ¾ of the city; at the 1838 Charleston SC fire that destroyed more than half the city; at the 19…

Brexit: 'Breakthrough' deal

If the EU referendum was the moment the British electorate clashed with the establishment, 8 December 2017 was the day that the legal and economic consequences collided with its political promises. The joint divorce agreement hammered out in the intervening 528 days makes clear that little remains of the many red lines set out by Theresa May in her Lancaster House speech or party conference address of 2016. Dec.8

The news article from the Guardian goes on to explain the several concessions that Theresa May has had to make to get the deal through. Now if we just look at the chart for the current Full Moon at London, we find that it aligns very significantly with the horizon axis and squares Neptune. Neptune itself makes hard aspects to a Mars-Uranus opposition. This combination can be interpreted as changes or separations (Mars-Uranus) in which one party feels weak or victimized (Neptune)…

Adopted Chinese girl reunited with birth parents

Twenty-two years ago, a heavily pregnant Qian Fenxiang hid herself and her three-year-old daughter on a houseboat on a secluded Suzhou canal, 120km away from her home in Hangzhou, and waited. Six weeks later, she gave birth on the boat to a second daughter, a child who should have been aborted under China’s draconian one-child policy, introduced in 1979 as a means to reduce poverty. Dec.3

According to the news report , it was on the eve of the Qixi Festival this year (August 28,2017) the biological parents Qian and Xu finally laid eyes on Jingzhi – their healthy, intelligent college student daughter who is known as Catherine Su Pohler by her American adoptive parents. The meeting took place under the auspices of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of August 22, 2017. A chart for the eclipse at  Hangzhou, China has the Ascendant [19cn55] conjunct the asteroid Ceres (mot…

Trump declares Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

President Donald Trump has announced that the US now recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, overturning decades of official US policy. Mr Trump described the move as "a long overdue step" to advance the Middle East peace process. The fate of the ancient city is one of the thorniest issues between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel called Mr Trump's move "historic" but there has been sharp international criticism. Mr Trump said the US still supported a two-state solution to the longstanding conflict, if approved by both sides, which would essentially see the creation of an independent Palestinian state living alongside Israel. Dec. 6

A chart for the current Full Moon (also a SuperMoon) at Jersusalem will help explain the news. Notice that Neptune which forms a T-square with Sun and Moon is conjunct the MC. On the MC is the star Achernar, alpha Eridanus. Aratus called Eridanus, “The River of Many Tears” and…