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Solar Eclipse and the end game in Syria

As the endgame of the Syrian War plays itself out, thoughtful observers now have time to ask themselves the big questions. Who came out on top, and why? Who got trounced, and why? And what is the shape of things to come?  We offer up a few ideas .Readers will recall that the Syrian War began in the wake of the genuinely popular protests of 2011.  What began as a legitimate series of demonstrations against the government in Damascus did not stay that way, however. The regime change project failed, and it failed miserably.For all the money, men, and treasure that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the West, and Israel pumped into the war, they failed in their primary goal of deposing the government.At every turn, they were thwarted by their adversaries, who proved to be better fighters then they.We should make no mistake about this:this war was won on the ground, through brutal combat.On a man-for-man basis, the forces loyal to Bashar Assad simply outfought the insurgents.…

Solar Eclipse and the Mumbai house collapse

At least 16 people are dead and more than a dozen others trapped after monsoon downpours that have brought death and destruction to south Asia caused a building to collapse in Mumbai. The four-storey residential building gave way on Thursday morning in the densely populated area of Bhendi Bazaar, after roads were turned into rivers in India’s financial capital, which has been struggling to cope with some of the heaviest rainfall in more than 15 years.  Aug. 31

We continue to see events around the world related to the powerful solar eclipse of Aug. 22. In Mumbai (Bombay), India, the eclipse was placed in the 4th house which is linked to buildings and houses [2]. Moreover, in a previous post [1] on Hurricane Harvey, I mentioned that the eclipse was conjunct the stars of Argo associated with storms.
The eclipse chart has the TNP Admetus conjunct  the Ascendant bri…

Israel Threatens To Bomb Assad's Presidential Palace

More information has emerged from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's meeting with President Putin last week. The two met in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi on August 23rd to discuss recent developments in Syria. According to new shocking reports in both Arab and Israeli media, a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the US-Russia brokered de-escalation deal reached in Astana, Kazakhstan earlier this summer. As we noted at the time, Netanyahu's brazen words to Putin that 'preventative' escalation in Syria to destroy what Israeli defense officials commonly call the "Iranian land bridge" (or the so-called 'Shia crescent') reveals increased desperation as even the West is now seeming to ignore Netanyahu's repeatedly declared "red lines".…

Eclipse highlights Terpsichore – the Muse of Dance

Forget about all the supplements, holistic treatments, and superfood smoothies. Seniors who want to turn back the clock when it comes to aging and keep both their bodies and their brains healthy need only to take a trip to their local ballroom dance hall. That's because a new study finds that while regular exercise helps keep us strong physically and mentally, dancing may be the most valuable form of physical activity - so much so that it actually has certain anti-aging effects more substantial than the benefits of general fitness. Researchers at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg recruited 26 healthy seniors (mostly in their late 60s) and split them into two groups. One group was assigned to learn routines from a dance instructor, while the other partook in endurance and flexibility training courses. Both groups participated in their respective classes weekly over 18 months. Aug. 26…

Uranus-Pluto and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh (born 15 August 1967) is a controversial figure, who has worked as a guru, music producer, singer-songwriter, actor, and filmmaker. He has been the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 23 September 1990.On 25 August 2017, a special CBI court in Panchkula, Haryana, delivered its verdict in a sexual assault case regarding a former Dera sadhvi, finding Gurmeet Ram Rahim guilty of two counts of rape. Singh was taken into custody.More than 200,000 people had gathered near the court premises ahead of the verdict in Panchkula, Haryana. Following the conviction, 30 people were killed and another 80 were injured in violent protests in parts of India with reports of widespread vandalism. On 26 August 2017, the Punjab and Haryana High Court ordered the police to seize the properties of the group to compensate for the vandalism caused in protests by his supporters.
In this post we will look at the deeper implication of the news about Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh…

Solar Eclipse and Hurricane Harvey

The eye wall of Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm with 130-mph sustained winds, has begun to move onshore along the middle Texas coast, the National Hurricane Center says. The eye wall is the most dangerous part of the storm. The time for dire warnings, how Hurricane Harvey is life-threatening and could cause catastrophic damage, is almost over. The reality is the Category 4 storm has begun to pound the Texas coast and its millions of residents, with hurricane-force winds knocking down trees, power poles and signs, and with torrential rain deluging streets. The storm surge, downpours and harsh winds are already pummeling the shores.

From the extract below, we learn that astrologers have noticed a connection between solar eclipses and changes in weather.
During my 3 years practice of  astro-meteorology i have observed that after every  Solar eclipse  there is tremendous changes  in the weather according to the season aft…

Indian Supreme Court in landmark ruling on privacy

India's Supreme Court has ruled that citizens have a fundamental right to privacy, in a landmark judgement. The judges ruled the right to privacy was "an intrinsic part of Article 21 that protects life and liberty". The ruling has implications for the government's vast biometric ID scheme, covering access to benefits, bank accounts and payment of taxes. Rights groups are concerned personal data could be misused. The authorities want registration to be compulsory.The verdict overturns two previous rulings by the top court which said that privacy was not a fundamental right.  Aug. 24

The total solar eclipse of August 22 is beginning to affect events around the world but especially so in places where it is on the angles. A chart for the eclipse at Delhi is shown here.  Notice that the eclipse is placed on the IC with the North Node. It is conjunct the asteroid Atlantis [4vi] and square the TNP Admetus [0ge]. Atlantis is …

America Is Out of Ideas in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump proved one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt in his Afghanistan strategy speech Monday night: After nearly 16 years of fighting America’s longest war, there are no new ideas. He called his plan “dramatically different.” It wasn’t. The only thing that seemed a striking change from his two presidential predecessors’ approach to the war launched after the attacks of September 11, 2001, was Trump’s escalatory rhetoric. He repeatedly vowed to “win” a conflict that his Defense Secretary James Mattis told Congress recently “we are not winning” and sharply criticized Afghanistan’s neighbor Pakistan, a troublesome ally Trump excoriated for offering “safe haven” to terrorists.
But beyond the scathing language and an open-ended pledge to “fight to win,” Trump offered few details about a plan that administration sources have said involves the sending of a few thousand more troops to Afghanistan. The Pentagon deems such a move necessary to avoid the collapse of the U.S.-backe…

Big Ben bongs sound for final time

Horologium Oscillatorium
the Pendulum Clock

The bongs of Big Ben have sounded for the final time before they are silenced for a four-year period of restoration workon the Elizabeth Tower. The tower is undergoing a £29m programme of renovation until 2021, but the prime minister and several MPs have raised concerns over the plan to silence the bell. Aug. 21
The worldview underlying astrology sees all of reality as symbolic in nature. To the symbolist, the heavenly bodies are threads within a great tapestry of affinities and correspondences. Thus even when an article is published, the symbolist can find important clues connecting the contents of the article with the planetary configurations at that time.

The major planetary alignment in 2015-16 was the Saturn-Neptune square. On September 10, 2016, Saturn-Neptune formed the last of three square transits. A chart for the mundane event at London h…

What is behind the US warships colliding?

Argo Navis – the Celestial Ship

Update: according to the latest US Navy 7th Fleet update, ten sailors are missing and five have been injured after the guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with a merchant vessel, U.S. 7th Fleet Commander says in emailed statement Monday. The collision was reported at 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time, while the ship was transiting to a routine port visit in Singapore. The ship is currently sailing under its own power and heading to port. Two months (on June 17)after seven US sailors died after the US Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel off the coast of Japan, moments ago the US Navy said that in an near replica of that incident, the guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain was involved in a collision with another merchant vessel, the Alnic MC, an oil/chemical tanker east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca on August 21.…

Leo eclipse helps detect cancer

Prometheus stealing fire from gods

Researchers say they have taken a big step towards developing a test that can tell people if they have cancer long before the first symptoms show up. The blood test detected the majority of cancers in people with four of the biggest cancer killers: breast, colon, lung and ovarian cancer, the team at Johns Hopkins University said.  Aug. 17

The news comes to us just before the powerful total solar eclipse in Leo. At Baltimore, where John Hopkins University is located the eclipse is placed very  significantly square the horizon axis. The eclipse is conjunct the star Regulus, alpha Leo, the Lion’s heart.
Leo : Distribution of vital forces and especially through the blood.
The eclipse is trine Uranus and opposite  the asteroids Handley [22aq] and Aesculapia[19aq].  The asteroid Aesculapia is associated with illness.…

India’s artillery gun fails in trials

NEW DELHI — India’s homegrown 155mm/45-caliber gun has taken a hit following a row of failed trials for over three months by the Indian Army, according a top source in the army. “The Dhanush 155mm/45-caliber artillery gun has failed on three occasions in a row in the last three months when the shell of the gun hit the muzzle brake in one of the six prototype guns currently undergoing user trials,” the Indian Army source said.  Analysts say the failed trials are not a major setback but can postpone the induction program of the gun. Aug. 11

The Independence (15th August, 1947;  0:00 IST;Delhi) of India from colonial rule is popularly used as the national chart. Currently transit TNP Admetus [0ge] which is conjunct India’s Ascendant forms sesquisquares aspect to TNP Zeus [17li] and Pluto [17cp] (see chart).

Martha Wescott [1] provides the following key phrases for the TNPs. If we put the highlight…

Bees understand the concept of zero

Praesepe Star, M44 Beehive Cluster

Bees seem to grasp the numerical concept of zero - the first invertebrate we have found that can do so. When the insects were encouraged to fly towards a platform carrying fewer shapes than another one, they apparently recognised "no shapes" as a smaller numerical value than "some shapes". Zero is not an easy concept to comprehend, even for us. Young children learn the number zero later than other numbers, and often have trouble deciding whether it is less than or more than 1. To see whether honeybees are able to understand zero, Scarlett Howard at RMIT University in Melbourne and her colleagues first trained bees to differentiate between two numbers. Howard shared the findings at the Behaviour conference in Estoril, Portugal, last week. Aug.9

The 2017 Behaviour conference  was  held from July 30 to August 4, 2017, in E…

Burgeoning EU-Iran relations signal US adrift

Draco – the fierce dragon

The phalanx of European leaders, ministers, and dignitaries, attending the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last weekend (Aug. 5) was a stunning snub to Washington. It was also a clear signal the US is losing its thrall over Europe. Think about it. According to US President Donald Trump and the American Congress, Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. And yet here we saw European leaders respectfully attending the swearing-in of the country’s re-elected president. A rather big contradiction, don’t you think?

Eclipses continue to affect events on earth long after they have gone. Here we present one more example of this. To understand the news we present the chart for the September 1, 2016 solar eclipse at Tehran, Iran.  Notice that the eclipse and its accompanying T-square straddles the horizon and is therefore significant for the place.
The following is a summ…

Beer for inspiration?

Neptune (Dionysus) – the wine maker

Artists throughout history have claimed that alcohol can boost creativity and trigger flights of productivity. Now a new study has proved that their assertions are not just wishful drinking. Downing a pint of beer for men, or around 350ml for women, boosted test scores in 132 men and women who were given a range of creative tasks. In one word association test, alcohol increased test scores by around 40 per cent.  Aug. 8

Researchers at Austria’s University of Graz found that having a pint actually improves creative function and helps stressed bodies ease into a more relaxed state. The news comes to us at the Full Moon eclipse which is placed very significantly on the horizon axis at Graz.  The eclipse luminaries are anchored to the Poseidon-Neptune trine.

The TNP Poseidon is linked to inspiration and illumination.  Ken Johnson and Ariel Gutman…

Australia Begins Questioning Its Geopolitical Alliance With the US

‘[For us] it is one thing to remain a good friend, but too close an embrace will lead Americans and others to resurrect the “deputy sheriff” tag. The Americans have always put their own interests first and will continue to do so; we should follow their example. American interests will not always be the same as Australian and vice versa. The bottom line, however, is the domestic political one. Australians are afraid of the outside world and convinced of their inability to cope with it. By and large, the Australian-U.S. alliance is considered by the majority of political, policy, and media elites on both sides of the Pacific Pond to be mutually beneficial, indeed essential. But behind this pact, like as with so many countries with economic, strategic and/or military ties to the empire du jour, there is a downside, one rarely acknowledged — and when it is, often rejected — in public discourse. More Australians though are beginning to express considerable concern (a reality borne out by r…

Google Employee Slams "Anti-Conservative" Culture

A 10-page document penned by an unnamed Google engineer titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", that criticizes the company's "left leaning", "anti-conservative" culture and calls for replacing Google's diversity initiatives with policies that encourage "ideological diversity" instead, has led to outrage among fellow Google employees and Silicon Valley pundits. The document, first reported by Motherboard and published in full by Gizmodo, reportedly has gone "internally viral" inside the company on Friday according to CNBC. The engineer's identity has not been revealed, but he reports to Google VP Ari Balogh, listed on Crunchbase as the company's executive VP of storage infrastructure products. Aug.7

The news comes to us at the August 7, Full Moon eclipse. A chart for the lunar eclipse dra…

Gut bacteria influences emotions, says neuroscience

It is becoming widely known that gut bacteria influence much more than our digestive process. The bacteria living in the digestive system impact our general health. Furthermore, scientists are now discovering that this influence goes beyond physical health. A study out of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) discovered evidence that gut microbes affect our emotions. Specifically, they impact how we respond to fear.

This is not the first time that scientists have identified a link between the gut and the brain. Throughout the last decade, researchers have been exploring the effects that gut microbes have on our emotions and neural chemistry. However, astrologers have long known about this connection so that scientists are really rediscovering what has been known since ancient times.

At this blogsite, I have shown fairly consistently that eclipses and their progressions using well known me…

Dubai “Torch Tower” Fire

The constellation of Ara, the altar, 1488.
A massive blaze which engulfed one of the tallest residential buildings in the United Arab Emirates has been brought under control. Dubai's firefighters battled the huge fire for hours before snuffing out the flames at the 79-storey Dubai Torch Tower. Firefighting brigades from four stations have been sent to battle the flames at the Torch Tower, the fifth tallest residential building in the world.  Aug. 3

The monthly lunar cycle is a natural and dependable time piece for understanding the nature of world events in the light of ancient myths linked to the stars. On August 3, the date of the fire, the Moon entered its Gibbous phase (135 degrees to Sun). A chart for this event at Dubai has it conjunct the TNP Cupido (houses and buildings) and Saturn on the meridian. In addition, the Moon aligns with the star delta Arae, in the flames…

Dog attack kills girl in Durban

"I love you so much. You'll always be my hero." These were the last words Kayla Madden spoke to her sister before she succumbed to injuries from a dog attack inside her Hillcrest home on Saturday (July 29). Gemma, 9, died after being attacked by a pit bull at Kayla's home just hours before she was due to celebrate her 10th birthday.

After thousands of years, a profound change has taken place in our ways of thinking. Our allegiance has shifted from the older symbolist perspective to the modern materialist way of perceiving reality. To unlock the symbolist worldview, we need to enter a completely way of thinking. Esotericists and mystics perceive the world through the ancient law  of Hermes Trismegistus: "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing."  In other words, what happens on one level of reali…