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'World's largest brain tumour' removed

For the past several years, Santlal Pal had been watching a tumour emerge from his skull. Doctors in India say Pal's brain tumour grew so big that it weighed nearly four pounds (1.8 kg) and measured nearly 8-by-12-by-12 inches (20 by 30 by 30 cm), according to local news reports. It may have been the largest brain tumour in the world. But now it is gone: Doctors successfully removed the mass during an intensive, six-hour operation on Valentine's Day.

Eclipses  are extremely significant in places where they align with the angles bringing up events that resonate with the planets and stars on the angles. The lunar eclipse of Jan. 31 was placed on the horizon axis at Bombay, India where Santlal Pal’s operation was carried out. Jupiter  on the IC is conjunct the asteroid Psyche [1]  which rules issues connected with the head or brain. Both Jupiter and Psyche are square the asteroid Hygiea [18aq] associated with…

The death of Bollywood star Sridevi

"When beggars die there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes." Julius Caesar (II, ii, 30-31)

Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor has died of a heart attack, her family says. She was 54.The actress known simply as Sridevi passed away in Dubai, where she was attending a family wedding. From the age of four, she had worked in films in the Tamil, Telugu, Malaylam, Kannada and Hindi languages. She was considered one of the very few Indian female superstars capable of huge box office success without the support of a male hero. Feb.25

Eclipses often mark endings of important or famous personalities. An accurately timed horoscope of Sridevi, provided at reference [1], is reproduced here. Notice that the lunar eclipse of Jan.31, 2018 fell almost exactly on the horizon axis activating the Ascendant and the radix Sun-Saturn opposition aligned with it. The Sun is conjunct Venus in Leo on the Ascendant.…

Sexual abuse of orphans in Chelyabinsk

Zeus and Ganymede - Adolphe Thabard

Earlier this month, the Chelyabinsk publication published an investigative report about the rape of orphans at a local boarding school. According to journalists, the school’s administrators sold time with the orphans to different men. Andrey Lepekhin, the lawyer for one of the families that adopted a raped child, says his clients have been threatened by local officials who don’t want the case prosecuted. Feb. 20

The incident has come to light just after the Solar Eclipse of Feb.16. A chart for the eclipse at Chelyabinsk has a Venus-Neptune conjunction on the IC square Mars.  In a previous post [1] we have seen that the Venus-Neptune-Mars combination is linked to “sexual aberrations and perversions”.
In addition, Venus and Neptune are placed amidst the stars of sidereal Aquarius.  Diana Rosenberg links this area to “sexual ped…

Ford executive leaves over inappropriate behavior

Phaethon and the Chariot of the Sun

DEARBORN, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ford Motor Company today announced that Raj Nair, executive vice president and president, North America, is departing from Ford effective immediately. “Ford is deeply committed to providing and nurturing a safe and respectful culture and we expect our leaders to fully uphold these values.”The decision follows a recent internal investigation into reports of inappropriate behavior. The review determined certain behavior by Nair was inconsistent with the company’s code of conduct. “We made this decision after a thorough review and careful consideration,” said Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett. “Ford is deeply committed to providing and nurturing a safe and respectful culture and we expect our leaders to fully uphold these values.”Feb.21

Ford Motor Company is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan. The co…

History in the stars: Bombing of Dresden

This year it is the 73rd anniversary of the end of the WWII – the bloodiest and most horrible war ever fought in the human history. The Nüremberg and Tokyo Trials were organized as “The Last Battles” for justice as the first ever global trials for the war criminals and mass murderers including and the top-hierarchy statesmen and politicians. However, 73 years after WWII the crucial moral question still needs a satisfactory answer:Have all the WWII war criminals faced justice at the Nüremberg and Tokyo Trials? Or at least those who did not escape from public life after the war. Here we will present only one of those cases from WWII which has to be characterized as the genocide followed by the personalities directly responsible for it: The 1945 Dresden Massacre. The 1945 Dresden Raid was surely one of the most destructive air-raids during WWII as well as in the history of massive military destructions and the war crimes against humanity too.The main and most destructive air-raid was du…

Netanyahu in corruption charge

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit back after police said he should be charged over alleged bribery cases. Speaking on Israeli television, he branded the allegations "baseless" and pledged to continue as leader. Mr Netanyahu said he was certain that the truth would be revealed. His comments follow a police statement that said there was enough evidence to indict him for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two separate cases. Feb.14

The horoscope of Benjamin Netanyahu as provided by Astro-databank [1] is reproduced here. The table below gives (a) the major progressions of the Sun and (b) major transits. The progressed Sun  opposes Uranus and the Pluto-Kronos midpoint. Triggering this is transit Saturn which will remain over the radix Uranus and Pluto-Kronos midpoint for the whole of 2018. So what does all this mean?

Netanyahu - Natal Chart  21 Oct 1949, 10:02 am, EEDT -3:00  Tel Aviv Israel, 32°N04', 034…

Turkey-US relations at breaking point?

Strained relations between Turkey and the US seem to have reached a critical point. Ankara is seeking clarity from the US, threatening to ‘break’ ties. Washington meanwhile continues to hide behind vague statements. US actions are the reason for the “missing trust” between the two NATO allies, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told journalists on Monday. He went on to say Ankara expects “concrete steps” from Washington, aimed at mending ties that have almost reached the point of no return. Feb.12

For any country, the foundation of successful diplomacy is a reputation for credibility and reliability. Governments are wary of concluding agreements with a negotiating partner that violates existing commitments and has a record of duplicity. Successive U.S. administrations have ignored that principle, and their actions have backfired majorly, damaging American foreign policy in the process.  I believe that  the astrological re…

Solar Eclipse and the Russian plane crash

A total of 65 passengers and six crew members were on board of An-148 plane of Saratov Airlines which had disappeared from the radars in the Moscow Region, the Russian Emergency Ministry said, adding that the crashed plane was subsequently detected from the air in the Ramensky District of the Moscow Region.  Feb. 11

The news of the crash comes just before the solar eclipse of Feb. 27. At Moscow, the solar eclipse and the nodal axis align with the meridian. When an eclipse falls on the horizon or meridian line, it marks that place as particularly sensitive to major disasters.
Moreover on the Ascendant [3sc] are stars that Diana Rosenberg links to air crashes:
Two Arabic lunar mansions that meet here (Al Simak, Al Ghafr) were said to “hinder travel:” this was the Ascendant of a Boeing 727-Cessna 172 collision and crash at San Diego in 1978; Jupiter when a lightning struck Boeing 747 crashed just after take-off in 1982 and crashed in Kenner, LA: all 145 on the pl…

Astrology of the Stock Market Crash

After being on cruise control for months, the stock market hit a giant speed bump on Monday, when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged — tumbling more than 1,500 points at one point after sinking 665 points on Friday. By the close, the Dow had lost around 2,200 points since Jan. 26, closing in on a 10% decline — which would mark the start of an official “correction. Feb. 5

To understand the astrology behind the stock market crash we begin with the horoscope for the NYSE [1] as provided by Astro-Databank. The Rodden Rating for the time is DD implying conflicting time data. However, we shall see in this post that the time given by Astro-Databank as 10-10 am bears out the news of the current crash very well. Just look at the Ascendant [11le]. Does it ring a bell? That is precisely where the lunar eclipse of Jan. 31 took place. Moreover for stars in this area Diana Rosenberg writes, “the collapse of extreme speculations”…

Astrology of the Nunes Memo

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to release a memo that paints the FBI and Justice Department as being biased against President Donald Trump — so much so that actors in both agencies have conjured up the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia to take the president down. The memo was written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), and it reportedly frames special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as an FBI effort to hurt Trump. To make this a truly comprehensive conspiracy theory, it uses both Hillary Clinton and the infamous Steele dossier in establishing the connections. Feb. 2

The general understanding of eclipses is that there effect lasts no more than 6 months. But as it has been repeatedly demonstrated at this site, an eclipse effect can last much longer and can be tracked if we care to progress the eclipse chart angles to see when they trigger important configuration. To understand the re…

Pedophilia Scandal in US politics

Zeus and Ganymede - Adolphe Thabard

President Trump’s urgent investigation into the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated Washington D.C. and politics nationwide continues taking down high-profile Democrat perpetrators. Jan.30

The question we need to ask here is why pedophila has suddenly become such an important topic in the US in the last one year. To answer this question we will look at Neptune [12pi]  which has been transiting square the Sibly Ascendant [12sa]. Neptune is placed amidst the stars of sidereal Aquarius.  Diana Rosenberg links this area to “sexual pedophilia” pointing out that in Greek mythology, Aquarius was Ganymede, a naked youth kidnapped by Zeus.