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Eclipse changes EU fishing practice

The UK government has hailed a "historic" EU agreement to introduce a blanket ban on the "scandal" of dumping dead fish back in the sea. The agreement is the culmination of efforts by campaigners, including the chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, to have the practice outlawed. Currently, as much as two thirds of healthy fish brought on to fishing vessels is thrown back into the sea dead, because they are less valuable than the species the fishermen are targeting. A new technology on trial at Denmark's North Sea Centre  will use a modified fishing net that  catches only the big fish and allows the small ones to escape.

In this post we will use the chart for the solar eclipse of May 21, 2012 to explain the reasons for the change of heart taking place in EU members regarding overfishing.

Eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave of experience. They offer a time to resynchronize our selves with the ever-changing cosmic currents supporting our evol…

Full Moon in Purva Phalguni and Kolkata fire

At least 19 people were killed and 50 people sustained serious burn injuries as a massive fire engulfed Surya Sen market in central Kolkata's Sealdah area early today. The death toll may  go up further. According to the fire-fighters the fire was detected at 3.50 am at the godown-cum-market complex when the victims were sleeping inside the room. Following which 26 fire-engines rushed to the stop to bring the situation under control. The fire now though under control but is yet to be doused completely.

Shown above is the chart for the Full Moon at Kolkata. The Moon [7vi24] is conjunct the star Zosma [11vi29]. In India Delta (δ) Leo, Zosma, with theta (θ Coxa) marked the corresponding nakshatra (9th HinduMoonMansion), Purva Phalguni, delta (δ this star Zosma) being the junction star between the two Phalguni asterisms. According to Volguine, Purva Phalguni threatens accidents by fire; these stars were transited at the 64 CE Great Fire of Rome; at the burning of Moscow during Napolean’…

Astrology of the hot air balloon crash in Egypt

British, French, Hong Kong and Japanese nationals are among 19 tourists reportedly killed in a hot air balloon crash near the Egyptian city of Luxor. The balloon was flying at 1,000 ft (300m) when it caught fire and exploded, plunging onto fields west of Luxor, officials said. The crash happened on one of the many dawn hot air balloon flights that give tourists an aerial view of Luxor's famous sites, such as Karnak temple and the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

According to reports the hot air balloon took off at 6 am and the accident  took place at around 7 am local time. A horoscope for the take off  is shown above. The Sun (8pi)  is just rising (1pi) with Venus (0pi) and Neptune (3pi).  In ancient China, the  asterism, Wei  that included theta and Pegasi and alpha Aquarii (6pi33,1pi36, 3pi04) presided over tombs, graves, death, tears and cries. South west of Wei was Hiu-Liang, (8pi-9pi) The Funeral Mound Bridge. It was the bridge to get to the burial ground. The asterism…

Winter Ingress Yod activates ‘Sequestration’

Sequestration is a fiscal policy procedure adopted by Congress to deal with the federal budget deficit. It generates automatic cuts for each of nine years, FY 13-21, totalling $1.2 trillion. Sequestration was originally scheduled to take effect on Jan. 2, 2013. However, it was delayed for two months - until March 1, 2013, by the deal struck on New Year's Eve, called the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Now, without Congressional action to prevent sequestration, the first round of cuts will take place on March 1, 2013.
Astrology of the 'fiscal cliff'
In the post on the fiscal cliff  we had looked at how the Yod of the Nov. 28 eclipse indicated that the  US is more likely than not to go over the ‘fiscal cliff’.  In the same post I had mentioned that the Cap Ingress chart which has a Yod – with Jupiter at the apex of a Saturn-Pluto sextile - indicated much the same thing. On Jan 1, the politicians succeeded in kicking the can down the road and now the…

Full Moon declares Argo the Oscar winner

The horoscope for the Full Moon of Feb. 25 is shown below. Notice that it is very significant for Hollywood, since it is placed on the meridian axis. The Sun is conjunct Neptune  in Pisces on the MC.

Neptune is the planet symbolically associated with illusion, delusion, glamour, deceit and indulgence. It is the planet of fog, mist, water, oil and the seas. It rules photography and cinema - both forms of illusion. [1]
So the Full Moon is not only talking about movies  but also hinting that the story of the movie that wins the Oscar could be about deceit. In Argo, a CIA operative enlists the help of moviemakers to concoct a fake film that would get real State Department hostages out of fractious Tehran.
But what really is astounding  is the  star of the constellation Argo on the IC (12vi51) of the Full Moon chart. Lambda (λ) Vela, Alsuhail,(11vi21) is a star in the Sails of Argo Navis, the Great Ship!![2]
The Oscar award to Argo for the best film is presented here as an example of the inter…

‘Houdini Horse’ Mariska – ‘The Great Opener’

“The Great Opener” – Azure Dragon of Spring

MIDLAND, Mich. (AP) - With her escape-artist antics now caught on video, a horse in Michigan is being dubbed the "Houdini Horse" thanks to her knack for opening stall doors. The 9-year-old horse named Mariska somehow learned to open latches at Misty Meadow Farms, LarkinTownship near Midland in central Michigan.The farm's co-owner, Sandy Bonem, posted a video online of the horse opening numerous locks. It catches how Mariska lets herself out, then unlocking stalls for other horses - just not her mother's.
Mundane astrology recognizes that the strongest effect of an eclipse is felt in those places where it is angular i.e. rising, setting or culminating. The total solar eclipse of  13th November 2012 was exactly setting at Larkin Township, Michigan. (chart below). The IC of this chart (29cn02)  as also the Ascendant (29cn47)of the First Quarter Moon (Feb 17) is conjunct the star alpha Monoceros (29cn14)

“Monoceros, the Unicorn, …

November eclipse grounds F-35 fighter jets

The US has grounded its entire fleet of 51 F-35 fighter jets after the discovery of a cracked engine blade. The fault was detected during a routine inspection of an air force version of the jet (F-35A) at Edwards Air Force Base in California, said the Pentagon. Different versions are flown by the navy and the marine corps. All have been grounded. The F-35 is the Pentagon's most expensive weapons programme with a cost of nearly $400bn (£260bn). The Pentagon said flight operations would remain suspended until the root cause is established. Friday's order was the second time in two months planes from the F-35 range have been grounded.
A yod is a rare astrological aspect involving any celestial body of astrological importance and forms between three (or more) plants or points where two planets are sextile (60° aspect) in relation to each other, with both quincunx (150° aspect) in relation to a third.
Astrologers (for instance Wendy Stacey, 3) say that, when a Yod appears in a chart…

Mizar and the Caribbean undersea volcanic vents

UK scientists exploring the ocean floor in the Caribbean have discovered an "astounding" set of hydrothermal vents, the deepest anywhere in the world. What are believed to be the world's deepest undersea volcanic vents have been discovered in the Caribbean. The vents, known as black smokers, were located 5,000m (3.1 miles) down in the Cayman Trough. The volcanic chimneys, which spew out water hot enough to melt lead, were caught on film by a British-led team. Marine biologist Dr Jon Copley said: "Seeing the world's deepest black-smoker vents looming out of the darkness was awe-inspiring." He added: "Super-heated water was gushing out of their two-storey-high mineral spires, more than three miles beneath the waves." The water being blasted from the newly-found vents (Feb 20, 2013)  was measured at 401 C, making this set among the hottest on the planet.[1]

Shown above is chart for the solar eclipse of May 20, 2012 for the Cayman Trough. Notice that t…

Stars of the decline of the Spanish monarchy

Spain's 74-year-old king came under scathing criticism Sunday for going on an expensive elephant hunting trip in Botswana amid the nation's deep financial woes. Making matters worse, an accident on the trip sent King Juan Carlos into surgery. The accident happened Friday (Apr 13,2012) while the king was on safari in Botswana's northern Okavango region and he was immediately flown home by private jet. Doctors said Sunday that he was recovering well after a hip replacement but would not be able to resume full duties for more than a month.

The horoscope which is generally used for modern Spain is based on the inauguration of King Juan Carlos on 22 November 1975: Spain astrology chart data: 22 November 1975, 12.45 pm CET, Madrid (40n24, 3w41). [1]
We will  discuss three important directions in the radix chart (a) Sun progressed (7cp14) is opposite  Vulcanus (7cn39) and  sesquisquare to South Node (21ta46) and Hades (24ta09) (b) the  solar eclipses  of 2012 (c…

Mindy McCready’s suicide and the Moon Wobble

(HEBER SPRINGS, Ark.) —  Perhaps there was one heartbreak too many for Mindy McCready.The former country star apparently took her own life on Sunday at her home in Heber Springs, Ark. Authorities say McCready died of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot to the head and an autopsy is planned. She was 37, and left behind two young sons.

In a previous post Moon Wobble: Accidents or Spiritual Release we have discussed the psychological effects of this phenomena.
During Moon Wobble the instability factor is high, resulting in more accidents, fires, plane crashes, freak accidents, floods, feats of nature, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, violence, Terrorism, riots, and political and personal upheavals. These Cycles bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and disrupting…Each Moon Wobble lasts about 37 days (using a 5 degree Aspect Orb as Standard Deviation). Carefully consider decisions during this period. Like any transit, MoonWobble repre…

An ode to fallen ‘hero’ Christopher Dorner

Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner shocked the world when he took up arms against ex-colleagues and their families. This week, after a nine-day manhunt, the college graduate was cornered and died in a remote cabin. What made him go bad remains hard to understand. It ended as he surely knew it would - alone, besieged, a blaze consuming the walls around him. The United States has grown wearily accustomed to spree killings of late, but Dorner, 33, was no Jared Loughner, James Holmes or Adam Lanza - the mentally disturbed outsiders accused of the mass shootings at Tucson, Aurora and Newtown.By contrast, he had once been an upstanding citizen, an athlete, a law enforcement officer and a decorated military veteran. He was remembered by many of those who knew him as intelligent and sensitive. In a photo released by the police, he stands upright in uniform, smiling warmly against a backdrop of the American flag. Somewhere along the line, Christopher Dorner's life went dra…

Russian meteor and the fireworks of Mizar

A meteor crashing in central Russia's Ural mountains has injured at least 500 people, as the shockwave blew out windows and rocked buildings. Most of those hurt suffered minor cuts and bruises but some received head injuries, Russian officials report.A fireball was seen streaking through the clear morning sky above the city of Yekaterinburg, followed by loud bangs.The meteor is believed to have landed in a lake near Chebarkul, a town in the neighbouring Chelyabinsk region. "It was quite extraordinary," Chelyabinsk resident Polina Zolotarevskaya told BBC News. "We saw a very bright light and then there was a kind of a track, white and yellow in the sky."
"The explosion was so strong that some windows in our building and in the buildings that are across the road and in the city in general, the windows broke."
Officials say a large meteor partially burned up in the lower atmosphere, resulting in fragments falling earthwards.

The chart for the lunar eclipse o…

Murder in South Africa at Crescent Moon

South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murder after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead at his home in Pretoria. Police said Mr Pistorius was at a local police station, adding that a friend of his was killed at his home. They confirmed a 26-year-old man would appear in court later. Mr Pistorius, 26, was the first double amputee to run in the Olympics. The incident is said to have taken place between 04:00 and 05:00 local time (02:00-03:00 GMT). A police statement said that a 30-year-old woman was "fatally wounded" in the early hours of Thursday morning at a home a high-security compound in the Boschkop area of the capital.

We  will first look at the  chart for the current  Crescent Moon phase.  The Moon (10ar19)  is  conjunct Uranus (6ar13) and square Pluto (10cp46). It also forms a sharp quincunx to Saturn (11sc30) on the Ascendant bringing the issue of the Saturn-Venus square to sharp focus.
Uranus-Pluto: to recognize that a threat o…