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Germans honour braveheart Tugce Albayrak

Tributes are being paid in Germany to student Tugce Albayrak who was killed after defending two teenage girls reportedly being harassed by a group of men. Around 150 people attended a vigil in Berlin in her memory on Sunday. President Joachim Gauck has described the student as a "role model". A man, 18, is in custody over the 15 November attack, which left Ms Albayrak in a coma. Her life support was switched off on Friday. She had intervened when she heard cries for help from the toilet of a fast food restaurant in the town of Offenbach, near Frankfurt, where the two girls were being harassed, German media report. BBC; Nov.30;

Star figures drawn by the ancients come alive in incidents like this one in Germany. Shown here is the skymap for the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse at Offenbach.  The eclipse The Full Moon [25li]  is conjunct the stars Spica, alpha Virgo , the Virgin and Arcturus, alpha Bootis, the herds…

Swiss 'reject immigration curbs'

Voters in Switzerland appear to have decisively rejected a proposal to cut net immigration to no more than 0.2% of the population. Projections from partial results show more than 74% voting no in Sunday's referendum, according to state TV. Supporters of the measure argued that it would have reduced pressure on the country's resources. Opponents said it would have been bad for the economy. Around a quarter of Switzerland's eight million people are foreigners. The measure would have required the government to reduce immigration from about 80,000 to 16,000 people a year. BBC; Nov.30.

To understand this news we will look at the chart for the last solar eclipse of Oct. 23. Notice that the eclipse is placed in the 4th house at Bern, Switzerland. Baigent, Campion and Harvey suggest that the fourth house rules nationalism [1]. By association nationalism involves national identity or the sense of belonging to a country i.e. being a citiz…

Plague: An app plumbing the depths of viral networking

We use the term viral to describe the way information spreads across the internet, but a new social communications app has taken that concept to its extreme. Instead of using the word “virus” as a metaphor, an app called Plague developed in Lithuania is making the virus the model for how it spreads content from device to device.
Every disease is a simple bit of content, whether text, a link, a photo or a video. When you unleash it, it immediately seeks out the nearest four smartphones with the Plague app installed, infecting them with your content. When those four users next log in they will have the choice of spreading the infection by scrolling the screen up – infecting another four nearby users – or inoculating themselves against it by thumbing the screen downwards, thus abating the spread of the virus. You can also choose to comment on any given post. Nov.26.

Plague is the brain child of Lithuania-based firm Deep Sea Marketing based in Vilnius, Lithuania. To un…

5,000-Year-Old Footprints Found in Denmark

Archaeologists have discovered 5,000-year-old footprints in southern Denmark that reveal how Stone Age people made strenuous attempts to cope with the destructive forces of the sea. The prints were found during work for the Femern Belt link scheme, an immersed tunnel that will connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland. Finds of fixed gillnets on stakes, dated to 5,000 years ago, are clear evidence of a fishing system which was used to feed a Stone Age community. Indeed, the footprints were found alongside this system of fishing weirs.
“These prints show the population attempted to save parts of their fishing system before it was flooded and covered in sand,” Anne-Lotte Sjørup Mathiesen of the Museum Lolland-Falster, said. The footprints suggest that at least two people stepped out into the swampy seabed to save whatever they could. Subsequently, they set up the fixed gillnet on stakes some distance away. “Their footprints were covered with a layer of sand …

Mysterious Roman god baffles experts

Excavations carried out by Münster archaeologists at the sacred site of Jupiter Dolichenus close to the ancient city of Doliche in Southeast Turkey, have revealed a unique Roman relief depicting an unknown god.  The one and a half metre (five feet) high basalt stele was re-used as a buttress in the wall of a Christian monastery. During the 2014 field season, the 60-strong excavation team uncovered finds from all periods of the 2,000-year history of the cult site, such as the thick enclosing wall of the first Iron Age sanctuary and the foundations of the main Roman temple of the god Jupiter Dolichenus, who became one of the most important deities of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century A.D. His sanctuary is situated close to the town of Gaziantep on the 1,200 metres (3,900 feet) high mountain of Dülük Baba Tepesi. The archaeologists found the stele in the remains of the Christian monastery, which was erected on the site of the ancient sanctuary in the Early Middle Ages.
Blömer described…

A new way to fight bacterial infections

“Our job”, says Jan Kemper, “is to make cells happy.” Ms Kemper works at MedImmune, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Her laboratory contains 40 bioreactors—fluid-filled tanks of about three litres’ capacity. Paddles within them whirl around a mixture of nutrient broth and specially engineered hamster cells that are busy making human antibodies.
It is, indeed, cell heaven in one of these reactors. It is also part of a new front in the ancient war between man and microbe, for the antibodies Ms Kemper’s cells produce are designed to attack bacteria, and thus back up conventional antibiotics, some of which are failing in the face of rising bacterial resistance.  Nov.22

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important mundane events.  Among these the Capricorn ingress (Capsolar). is the “master chart” of the year Shown here is the sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart drawn for Gaithersburg, Maryland. Notice the power…

Oil prices plunge after Opec meeting

The price of oil slumped after the Opec oil producers' cartel decided not to cut output at its meeting in Vienna. Opec's secretary general Abdallah Salem el-Badri said they would not try to shore up prices by reducing production. BBC; Nov 27
By now even the New York Times is openly talking about the secret Obama Administration strategy of trying to bankrupt Russia by using its oil-bloated Bedouin bosom buddy, Saudi Arabia, to collapse the world price of oil. Now the financial Ponzi scheme behind the increase of US domestic oil output the past several years is about to evaporate in a cloud of fictitious smoke. The basic economics of shale oil production are being ravaged by the 23% oil price drop since John Kerry and Saudi King Abdullah had their secret meeting near the Red Sea in early September to agree on the Saudi oil price war against Russia.

This news can be best understood if we start with the  chart for the O…

Phillip Hughes: Australian batsman dies

Australia Test batsman Phillip Hughes has died aged 25, two days after being struck on the top of the neck by a ball during a domestic match in Sydney. Australia team doctor Peter Brukner said he passed away in hospital, never regaining consciousness. Hughes, who also played for Hampshire, Middlesex and Worcestershire, was hit by a delivery from bowler Sean Abbott. "It's an understatement to say we're completely devastated," said Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland. BBC; Nov.27

A chart for the current New Moon of Nov. 22 at Sydney is shown here. Notice that the New Moon [0sa] in Sagittarius is placed in the 5th house connected with sports [1]. It is conjunct the star Kornephoros, beta Herculis [1sa]. With strongman Hercules providing courage, energy, physicality and a daring all-or-nothing that needs and seeks expression, many here become dancers, acrobats and sports champions (a Latin epithet for Hercules was saltator,…

Scientists Discover a New Way to Predict Blood Cancer

Boston, MA. Wednesday, November 26, 2014 -- Researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals have uncovered an easily detectable, "pre-malignant" state in the blood that significantly increases the likelihood that an individual will go on to develop blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myelodysplastic syndrome. The discovery, which was made independently by two research teams affiliated with the Broad and partner institutions, opens new avenues for research aimed at early detection and prevention of blood cancer. Findings from both teams appear this week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

What is Translation of Light?
Translation of light (also known as transfer of light) is a specific type of configuration that occurs when a fast moving planet separates from an exact aspect with one planet and then applies to an exact aspect with an…

US legitimacy waning over 9/11 hoax

A retired US Army general says America should hold public hearings to investigate 9/11 and the wars it triggered. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, a leader of the US campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, made the comments during an exclusive interview with Truth Jihad Radio. Gen. Bolger is the author of the explosive new book Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Nov 25.

Shown here is Solar Return (precessed) for the US Sibly  progressed to Nov.25, the date of the news. The elements in the Grand Cross straddling the angles can be interpreted as below:
Kronos-Zeus-Hades: Authorities admit mistakes  in connection with military action and call for investigation. [1]
With Pluto on the descendant are the asteroids are Hidalgo and Icarus both retrograde. Retrograde entities refer to the past. When Hidalgo [2] is retrograde there are secrets or others do not “come right out with it.” There …

Does the Name "Strauss-Kahn" Ring a Bell?

The International Monetary Fund has finally admitted that it was wrong to recommend austerity as early as it did in 2010-2011. The IMF now agrees that it should have waited until the US and EU economies were on a sustainable growth-path before advising them to trim their budget deficits and reduce public spending.  According to a report issued by the IMF’s research division, the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO):  “IMF advocacy of fiscal consolidation proved to be premature for major advanced economies, as growth projections turned out to be optimistic…This policy mix was less than fully effective in promoting recovery and exacerbated adverse spillovers.”
What’s so disingenuous about the IMF’s apology,  is that the bank knew exactly what the effects of its policy would be, but stuck with its recommendations to reward its constituents.  That’s what really happened. The only reason it’s trying to distance itself from those decisions now, is to make the public think it was all  just a b…

CNN’s Amanpour show edits out criticism by RT host

The Virgin and the Crow

Last week, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour invited RT’s Anissa Naouai to discuss what the US channel called ‘a heated propaganda war’ by the Russian government. But it never showed viewers Naouai’s criticism of Amanpour’s own propaganda exercises. Naouai, host of RT’s  In The Now, was invited to speak along with Mikhail Kasyanov, a former Russian prime minister and a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin’s policies. RT Nov.24

To understand the astrology behind this interesting piece of news we will look at the chart for the last lunar eclipse of October 8 at Moscow, Russia. Notice that the eclipse Moon is placed in the third house conjunct Uranus which is square Pluto as part of a Grand Cross. The TNP Poseidon is on the MC and anchored to the Hades-Kronos end of the Grand Cross and to Venus through a sharp semisextile.
Third House Rulership National rumours, propaganda. The press. All means of disseminating n…