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Norwegians Teach Horses to Communicate

Horses were able to convey their preference for blanket-wearing in a study conducted in Norway. The researchers reported in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science that they successfully trained all 23 horses used in the study to convey their choice by pointing to symbols. The horse used were of various ages and breeds. They were able to signal whether they wanted their blanket put on, taken off, or left unchanged. All the horses were performing well in the experiment following two weeks of training. The study team, comprising Cecilie Mejdell, Turid Buvik, Grete Jørgensen and Knut Bøe, described how they taught the horses to communicate by touching one of three different visual symbols on white painted wooden display boards to tell the handler their blanketing preference. Sept.22
Horses seem to capture our imagination and are a symbol of strength and freedom but till now they have been g…

Traffic Noise Hinders Owls' Hunting

Given a high enough level of traffic noise, owls lose nearly 90% of their hunting efficiency, according to researchers from Hokkaido University. In a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the university report their findings on the impact of noise on long- and short-eared owls. Owls are among those predators, like bats, that rely heavily on their sharp hearing in order to find food. The team's results highlight just how much that is the case. According to the researchers, theirs is the first study to back up the notion in the wild that traffic noise hinders owls' ability to forage.

Eclipses carry specific messages that can be more acutely felt in those places  where they occur on the horizon or the meridian. The report by the Hokkaido University researchers entitled  Traffic noise reduces foraging efficiency in wild owls was first published on August 18 coinciding with a F…

Train hits New Jersey Hoboken station

A commuter train crashed into the station at a major transit hub for Manhattan at the height of Thursday morning's rush hour, and mass casualties were reported by local media. The police chief told NBC New York there were "mass casualties" from the crash of the New Jersey Transit train. The cause of the crash at Hoboken, New Jersey's station was not immediately known. Mass casualties can include injuries or deaths. The Federal Railroad Administration said investigators were en route to the scene. Two local law enforcement officials said there are no initial signs that the accident was terror related or a deliberate act, but they stressed it was very early in the investigation.  Sept.29

Charts for Moon phases often provide a good indicator of what we see in the news.   Shown here is the chart for the Waning Crescent Moon also referred to as Balsamic Moon. Notice that ir brings up the Mercury-Saturn-Neptune T-square to the horizon axis. Mercury-Saturn is a well known co…

Congress rejects Obama veto of Saudi 9/11 lawsuits bill

Congress has voted to override President Barack Obama's veto of a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabian officials. In the first veto override of his presidency, the Senate voted 97-1 and the House of Representatives 348-77, meaning the bill becomes law. Mr Obama told CNN the lawmakers had made "a mistake". The president argued the bill could expose US companies, troops and officials to potential lawsuits abroad. CIA Director John Brennan said the vote carried "grave implications" for national security, adding: "The downside is potentially huge." The House and Senate unanimously passed the legislation, known as the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism (JASTA), this year despite the Obama administration's lobbying efforts. Sept. 28

This New Moon eclipse lies in the midst of the stars of Leo and under the auspices of Thuban of Draco and Alioth of the Great Bear. It also c…

How being alone may be the key to rest

How much rest do we think we need, who is getting the most, and what are the most restful activities? The results of the world's largest survey on rest indicate that to feel truly rested, a lot of us want to be alone, reports Claudia Hammond. Last November an online survey called The Rest Test was launched to investigate what rest means to different people, how they like to rest and whether there is a link between rest and well-being. The results are now in and the analysis has begun. The Rest Test is a collaboration between BBC Radio 4 and the Wellcome Collection's researchers in residence, Hubbub. Hubbub is an international collective led by Durham University, comprising scientists, artists, poets, humanities researchers, mental health experts and social scientists - among them the BBC's Claudia Hammond, presenter of All in the Mind  Sept.27

The defining planetary aspect of the year has been the potent Saturn and Neptune  square.…

Shimon Peres, architect of peace, dies

Shimon Peres, the former president and prime minister of Israel, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the Oslo accords with the Palestine Liberation Organization, has died at the age of 93, after being hospitalized two weeks prior due to a massive stroke, Israeli News Agency reported. Sept.28

The cardinal ingresses of the Sun are among the important tools used by mundane astrologer. The death of Shimon Peres comes less than a week after the Sun entered Libra. A chart for the ingress drawn for Tel-Aviv has Saturn on the MC as part of a prominent T-square.  Saturn and 10th house are both linked to prominent leaders. Here Saturn is conjunct the star Antares. Alpha (α) Scorpius, Antares, is a red binary star, fiery red and emerald green, near the center of the constellation Scorpius and was sometimes called "the Heart of the Scorpion".  Diana Rosenberg links  this star to “heart attacks”.  In addition, Neptune and the South Node (past) are conjunc…

The US Sibly and the Deir Ezzor airbase “sneak attack”

Obviously the most damning evidence indicating that the US never intended to honor the ceasefire agreement came when US led coalition jets attacked a Syrian Arab Army position near Deir Ezzor airbase on Saturday September 17th that the US feebly claimed was "an accident." The Russians had to call the Americans twice for the hour long airstrikes to finally be called off. The incident that killed at least 70 Syrian soldiers and wounded over 100 allowed sufficient air cover for nearby ISIS terrorists to wage a successful assault within seven minutes after the airstrikes began to advance forward to overtake the attacked Syrian high ground. The Damasus government intercepted a conversation between the US military and ISIS just prior to the airstrikes, confirming they were premeditated, well-coordinated, and deliberate acts of aggression that violate international law and more than anything else expose US Empire's true intentions all along in the Middle East to protect its ter…

Gurmeet Singh – Patna’s Good Samaritan

Every night, Gurmeet Singh arrives at the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) to serve food and provide medicines to patients at the so-called abandoned or lawaaris ward. On his way to the hospital, he stops at a small eatery where he picks up food for the patients who have been discarded at the lawaaris ward. Once he reaches the hospital ward -- a cesspool of infection rife with a putrid smell, where rodents run amok -- Singh washes his hands and begins serving food to the patients. When done serving food, he goes to every patient again, writes down the names of medicines that they have been prescribed and buys them with his own money, as this report in The Hindu says. He has been doing this every day for more than 20 years now. Sept. 26

Eclipses have a long term effect and their message is brought out in events as and when the progressed angles trigger the eclipse chart. Shown here is a chart for the March 9 solar eclipse at Patna.  The eclipse is placed …

Saudi Women File Historic Petition to Abolish Male Guardianship

More than 14,000 Saudi women signed a petition to the kingdom's Royal Court in an effort to end the internationally criticized system.  Rights Watch reported Saturday that women's rights activists in the kingdom initiated a Twitter campaign to support the move, trending such hashtags as #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen, #IAmMyOwnGuardian and #TogetherToEndMaleGuardianship. Additionally, activists used social media to spread instructions on how to submit a telegram calling on the king to comply with their demands. Sept.27

The solar eclipse of September 1 synchronizes  with the Lunar Perigee  making this lunar cycle more impactive.  Moreover at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia it falls on the meridian as part of a powerful T-square.

 In his blogpost on the eclipse entitled New Directions, Nick Fiorenza writes:
Solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the wor…

The symbolic meaning of the Nova in Lupus

On September 20, a particular spot in the constellation Lupus the Wolf was blank of any stars brighter than 17.5 magnitude. Four nights later, as if by some magic trick, a star bright enough to be seen in binoculars popped into view. While we await official confirmation, the star’s spectrum, its tattle-tale rainbow of light, indicates it’s a nova, a sun in the throes of a thermonuclear explosion.

The celestial co-ordinates for the Nova ASASSN-16kt RA 15:29:01.82, DEC -44:49:40.89 (J2000.0) The ecliptic longitude of ASASSN-16kt is 241.4 degrees
The Novae (or nova, which means “new”) notes the death of a star. Such a death symbolizes the period of grief and mourning for the previous psychology, now deleted. A needed time of sanction is required before the death spawns the next life form. What we know is that the previous way of being is gone. Th…

The death of a “white dwarf” star and what it means

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has released a colorful image of a demise of a Sun-like star. The picture, posted Friday (23 Sept.) , shows the "last hurrah" of the white dwarf star. When dying, it casts off its outer layers of gas forming a cocoon around the remaining core. Glowing is caused by ultraviolet light. Sept.25

The planetary nebula in this image is called NGC 2440. The white dwarf at the center of NGC 2440 lies about 4,000 light-years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Puppis.
In his book The Soul of the Sky, Philip Sedgwick explains the deeper meaning of a White Dwarf.
White Dwarfs represent the collapse of the little ego, the attenuation of one's faulty psychology. In many Eastern Mysticisms initiates must relinquish the ego for the sake of the soul. The galactic analogue for this sacrifice comes from the White Dwarf. On a more western level, the process consists …

Russia's Grain May Soon Bring in More Gold Than Oil

Moscow's ban on the import of food products from the EU and the ensuing ruble crisis have added significantly to the resurrection of Russian farming; now the country makes more money from the export of agricultural products than from the international sale of military equipment, according to Spiegel Online. 6 Sept.

The solar eclipse of September 1 fell in tropical Virgo, a sign often depicted as a Virgin holding a sheaf of corn in her hand – a direct reference to food and agriculture. A chart for the eclipse at Moscow has it placed significantly in the 10th house making a T-square with Saturn in the 2nd and Neptune in the 4th.
At her website Skyscript, Deborah Houlding gives us the meaning of the 2nd and 4th houses in mundane astrology.
The 2nd house “ influences the status and value of the nation's crops, produce, and essential supplies” [1]. The 4th house rules “farming, agriculture and an…

Saturn-Neptune and the Ig Nobel prizes

What makes astrology supremely relevant is that it discloses an unsuspected dimension of the world we think we know so well. It is as though we have become accustomed to see only the horizontal yarn of the weaving, the weft, and are largely unaware of the warp. We are accustomed to break down our world, in order to understand it, into certain categories, recognizing what belongs to this category, what belongs to that. That is ‘scientific’. However, astrology is about learning to think in new categories. It embodies a system of new categories that are as different from the ones to which we are habituated, as the warp is from the weft. In this system objects and events that at first sight appear to have nothing whatever to do with each other are shown to be intimately connected. Conversely, things we naturally tend to associate may be distributed otherwise in the astrological scheme. Understanding the world around us depends on our power to perceive patterns of meaning, to make the righ…

Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day

The 3.5 million people of Puerto Rico are entering their second day with no power after a substation fire knocked out service to the entire island.   The power outage has left schools scrambling to cancel classes and public hospitals forced to cancel surgeries. Perhaps even worse, the outage caused numerous fires across the island as a result of malfunctioning generators, including at the upscale Vanderbilt hotel in the popular tourist area of Condado and at the mayor’s office in the northern coastal town of Catano. Sept.22

The solar eclipse of September 1 fell in the first house at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The first house in mundane astrology rules the general condition of the populace.  For our purpose here let us note that the eclipse makes hard aspects to Mars and Uranus – a combination linked to electrical black outs [1].  On September 21, the progressed Asc…

Militants attack Indian army base in Kashmir

Uri (Jammu & Kashmir), Sept 18 (PTI) — In the worst attack on the army in many years, heavily armed militants suspected to be from Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) stormed an army base in Uri in Kashmir killing 17 jawans early today, prompting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to assert that those responsible "will not go" unpunished. Located barely a few kilometres from the Line of Control (LoC) and some 70 km from Srinagar, the base was subjected to the brazen attack by four terrorists at around 5.30 AM, causing heavy casualties in the Dogra regiment which lost 17 of its men.

The attack on the army base comes at the lunar eclipse of Sept. 17.  A chart for the eclipse has it placed very significantly on the meridian at Uri. The eclipse is square Mars which is conjunct the stars Lesath and Shaula. The two stars; upsilon (υ) Scorpius, Lesath, along with Shaula, lambda (λ) Scorpius; are at the tip of the tail of the Scorpion and right on the sting. About the Scorpion, the …

Saturn-Neptune and multi-congruence

Sinkhole opens up in Florida A massive sinkhole that opened underneath a gypsum stack at a Mosaic phosphate fertilizer plant in Mulberry may have dumped at least 215 million gallons of contaminated water into the Floridan Aquifer over the past three weeks, company officials say. And it could be months before the hole is plugged, the officials acknowledge.  Sept.16
Canada Just Legalized Heroin for Medical Use Much like in the United States, Canada has seen a spike in the rates of opiate use among its populace. Over a four-month period early this year, 256 Canadians died after overdosing on fentanyl, the same substance tied to “bad batches” of heroin that have been killing Americans. In order to respond to what Canadian officials see as a growing threat, Health Canada launched new proposals in May to “allow doctors to prescribe heroin to some opioid addicts who do…

Saturn-Neptune square: Alabama pipeline ruptures

At least 250,000 gallons of gasoline have spilled following a pipeline rupture in central Alabama. Emergency responders are working to repair the spill, while Alabama and Georgia have declared a state of emergency due to possible fuel shortages. The spill, equivalent to 6,000 barrels, took place in a rural area southwest of Helena, Alabama, and was first noticed Friday. A spokesman for Colonial Pipeline said the spill has affected an area about two acres in size, Birmingham’s WBRC-TV reported. According to local media, the spill is located near Lindsey’s Crossing in Shelby County, about 28 miles southwest of Birmingham. Sept. 17

Regular readers of this blogsite will by now  be fully familiar with the methods used here.  Significant world events can be understood through use a variety of mundane astrology tools. Prominent among these are eclipses, planetary cardinal ingresses and lunations etc. Among these the cardinal ingresse…

Duterte’s Power Play: Rocking the US-Philippines Alliance

The frictions excited by the antics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte have caused even greater heat over the last few days, with calls for the departure of US special forces operating in Mindanao. Having already made it clear to Washington that he intends pursuing “an independent foreign policy,” he has now insisted that the general root of ills in instability lie in the troublesome, headache-causing alliance with the United States. A continuing problem of that alliance remained US forces in Zamboanga on the island of Mindanao, ostensibly engaged in advising local troops on counter-terrorism operations.  “For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in that land [Mindanao].  We might as well give it up.”  It was therefore imperative that “those [American] special forces, they have to go.”  He did not want “a rift with the US, but they have to go.” September 14th, 2016

To u…

Cameron slammed over Libya in new report

LONDON -- Former British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a bombing campaign in Libya based on "erroneous assumptions" and failed to adequately plan for the aftermath, according to a damning parliamentary report released on Wednesday. The Foreign Affairs Committee analyzed Britain's decision-making in the run up to its intervention alongside France in 2011, which the government said at the time was aimed at protecting civilians under fire from dictator Moamer Kadhafi. "It (the government) could not verify the actual threat to civilians posed by the Gaddafi (Kadhafi) regime; it selectively took elements of Muammar Gaddafi's rhetoric at face value; and it failed to identify the militant Islamist extremist element in the rebellion," lawmakers said in their report. "UK strategy was founded on erroneous assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the evidence," the report added. Nearly five years after Kadhafi was ousted and killed, chaos conti…