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Algeria plane crash

OUAGADOUGO, Burkina Faso (AP) — An Air Algerie jetliner carrying 116 people crashed Thursday in a rainstorm over restive Mali, and its wreckage was found near the border of neighboring Burkina Faso — the third major international aviation disaster in a week.

It was found about 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the border of Burkina Faso near the village of Boulikessi in Mali, a Burkina Faso presidential aide said. He told The Associated Press that rescuers went to the area after they had heard from a resident that he saw the plane go down 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Malian town of Gossi.

This crash is  the latest in several major flight disasters in the last week: a Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down last Thursday while flying over a tumultuous section of Ukraine, and a Taiwanese jet crashed during a storm Wednesday killing 48 people.

Mercury – the god of travel –  has been currently traversing  the “reaction point” of the potentially accident producing T-square involving Uranus-Pluto-Zeus. Regular readers will recall that it was also active in the Taiwan plane crash [1].

 Shown here is the current Solar Cancer Ingress chart progressed to July 24, the date of the accident. It is drawn for Gossi, the crash site but it not very different for Ouagadougo from where the plane took off.The Mars-Zeus-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross has reached the progressed horizon on that date. Please compare with the progressed Cancer Ingress for the Taiwan crash. It is similar to this crash with the exception that planets on the horizon are interchanged so that Pluto occupies the IC and not the MC as in the previous case. This is of little consequence as far as the triggering action of the angles is concerned. As in the previous case the stars of the archaic Chaldean lunar mansion whose patron god was Im-dugud-khu, “The Great Storm Bird” or “Storm Bird of the Evil Wind” is active here too so that the flight went down in a rain storm.

P.S. Another contributing factor was the phenomena of Moon Wobble which was mentioned in a previous post from which we reproduce the following extract:

On July 16 at 11:22:52 UT, the Sun [23cn52] will square the Mean Node [23li52]. This is a phenomena known as “Moon Wobble”. While it is exact on July 16, 2014 it may be felt for approximately a week on either side.

Moon Wobbles were discovered in the 1930's, when research by astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980), the original editor of Astrology Magazine, revealed that disasters occur in cycles associated with the conjunction (0°), opposition (180°) and square (90°) from the Sun to the Moon's Node. These powerful contacts occur when the Sun and the Node are in the same sign, or the opposing sign, or when the Sun is in a square aspect to the nodal axis.[1]

During Moon Wobble the instability factor is high, resulting in more accidents, fires, plane crashes, freak accidents, floods, feats of nature, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, violence, Terrorism, riots, and political and personal upheavals. These Cycles bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and disrupting. [2]