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Astrology-loving MP seeks answers in the stars

A Conservative MP has spoken of his belief in astrology and his desire to incorporate it into medicine. David Tredinnick said he had spent 20 years studying astrology and healthcare and was convinced it could work. The MP for Bosworth, a member of the health committee and the science and technology committee, said he was not afraid of ridicule or abuse. "There is no logic in attacking something that has a proven track record," he told BBC News.  He said he had been the subject of much ridicule for his beliefs over the years, including a fake Twitter account entitled "Inside the head of David Tredinnick", but many of the sceptics who had attacked him were "bullies" who had "never studied the subjects".

"I am absolutely convinced that those who look at the map of the sky for the day that they were born and receive some professional guidance will find out a lot about themselves and it will make their lives easier," he told MPs. BBC; July 25

Mundane astrology charts of eclipses or ingresses when progressed to the date of an event can give valuable insight into the cosmic forces at work. Shown here is the chart for the last solar eclipse of April 29,2014 plotted for London. With the eclipse in the 12th house square the meridian, it is obviously very significant for the place. On the MC [8aq] is the asteroid Urania [aq] that links to “astrology”. It forms a T-square with the eclipse, Mercury and the TNP Poseidon.  The Ascendant [13ge] forms a Yod with Pluto and Poseidon. Martha Wescott provides the following definitions and delineations:

POSEIDON: Uplifting people/ideas; psychic vibrations; persuasion; intellectual or spiritual influences; ideological or moral stances; spread of ideas; advertising; interest in business practices/ethics; inspiration; religion; mediums; clarity; enlightenment; receptivity to The Force; reactions to the media; windows, mirrors, refraction of light.

URANIA: Astrology; astronomy; handling theoretical, hypothetical or abstract principles and information; logic and rationality; ability to “see the big picture” and not be dissuaded by instant details; an intellectual framework; apperception-intellectual context. Bias and distortions to rationality and conceptual ability.

 Discussions about astrology

There may be some uncertainty as to whether information is gained  intellectually or through intuition, psychicsm or some form of  channeling--and this does include astrologically-gained knowledge.  By  the same token, there'll be instances where one needs to blend the two,  just as there will be times to realize that intellect has its  limitations; it can't go the same distance as the heart--or as the  yearning for the EXPERIENCE OF TRUTH.  Now, you'll also see that people  perceive things according to their beliefs--and while this may seem  obvious, it means that people can ONLY see what they believe in--!   Watch for people who have "ideas" that are overly affected by their  religion, education or philosophy of life--their "view" is distorted by  these things (so that they have biases...that may be rationalized or  harder to recognize BECAUSE they're tied into "god," a particular  ideology, or documented and certified by academe!) 

The POWER OF NEW IDEAS, the ability to persuade with one's vision, the  notion that IDEAS can be transformative and cathartic, the potential for  one to "change their mind" UTTERLY and about really esoteric and  psychological subjects -- --all that is strongly suggested for this  cycle.

Progressing the chart by the solar quotidian method to July 25, the date of the news, brings the MC to a conjunction with the eclipse triggering the event. Notice that the eclipse throws a quincunx to Mars [11li] in the Grand Cross. About the stars conjunct Mars, Diana Rosenberg writes, “Transits to these stars often bring about major changes in laws, mores, governments and ways of thinking, often preceded, accompanied or followed by “witch hunts” – explosions of fanatic and vicious intolerance.”