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Didcot power station towers demolished

Three enormous cooling towers at the disused Didcot A Power Station in Oxfordshire have been demolished. The blast, conducted with more than 180kg of explosives, flattened 36,000 tonnes of material in seconds and was streamed live online.  Hundreds of people gathered to watch the towers come down at 05:01 BST, despite warnings of a huge dust cloud. BBC; July 27, 2014

Shown here is the Cancer Ingress chart progressed to July 27, the date of the demolition of the Power Station. On the Ascendant are stars Adhib, theta Draconis, Kraz, beta Corvus, Seginus, gamma Bootis, Apami-Atsa, theta Virginis. About this area Dian Rosenberg writes, “There is electricity in these stars…This is an area especially connected to electricity, power sources, light and lightning”. Uranus-Pluto square  occupies the descendant and IC. Ebertin’s keyphrase for Uranus-Pluto, “the collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new”  would  apply perfectly here to the obsolescence of the Power Station.