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India: School bus and train crash kills 14 children

At least 14 children were killed along with their driver when a school bus was hit by a train in the Indian state of Telangana, police say. The passenger train rammed into the school bus, dragging it several hundred metres down the track, reports said. No one on the train was hurt. Some 32 students were reportedly travelling on the bus.  The accident happened at an unmanned level crossing near Masaipet village in Medak district. BBC, July 24

The Capricorn Ingress chart for Masaipet, India progressed to July 24, the date of the accident is shown here. The Grand Cross containing the Pluto-Uranus-Mars  combination which is known to produce accidents straddles the angles. In the Ingress chart Pluto was in the mundane 5th house that governs children. It was conjunct the asteroid Orpheus (death)  and opposite the asteroid Child (children). With progressed MC  square Uranus and conjunct Pluto on July 24, the entire configuration is triggered leading to the tragic incident.

If the Capricorn Ingress was the ‘hour hand’ of the clock, the Waning Crescent Moon served as the ‘minute hand’. The chart for the Waning Crescent at Masaipet is shown here. Notice the following points. Both Moon and the Sun make hard aspects to Mars in the 5th house of children. The Moon is in tropical Gemini – the sign associated with schools and also with cars or buses as  means of transport. On the Ascendant [20ge] are the stars Hoedus I, zeta Aurigae [19ge], Hoedus II, eta Aurigae [20ge], the two baby goats, Nihal, beta Leporis [20ge], the hare and Capella,[22ge] the mother goat, alpha Aurigae in the arms of the Charioteer. This set combines Lepus, the speed-loving hare with stars of a mother goat and “The Haedi” – her two kids – part of Aurigae, the Charioteer. It is the job of the Charioteer with the reins firmly in his hand to protect and take responsibility for the mother Goat and her Kids in his charge. Here the chariot would be the ancient version of the school bus and the kid goats, the school children. In our case here, it appears, the Charioteer (the bus driver) was in too much of a hurry (Lepus)!