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ISIS destroys Prophet Jonah’s tomb

Jonah and the Whale

The militant group ISIS is continuing its rampage of holy places by destroying the tomb of Jonah, a place thought to be the burial site of the prophet believed by Abrahamic faiths to have been swallowed by a whale or fish. Civil defense officials in Mosul, Iraq, told CNN that ISIS operatives planted explosives around the mosque containing the tomb then detonated it remotely on Thursday (July 24).

A video posted to YouTube, the authenticity of which has not yet been confirmed, shows the destruction of the Sunni Mosque of the Prophet Younis, which is the Arabic name for Jonah. Though ISIS claims to adhere to the Sunni branch of Islam, they have nonetheless targeted multiple Sunni shrines, blowing up or bulldozing any place they deem "unIslamic." Huffington Post; July 25

Shown here is the current sidereal Cancer Ingress chart at Mosul, Iraq.  The following points deserve attention:

First we find the Ascendant [29sa] conjunct the asteroid  Orpheus [26sa] (death) and TNP Cupido [23sa] (house) implying that we may be dealing with a tomb. On the descendant are TNPs Kronos (famous person) and Hades (the past)  trine Poseidon (religion or spirituality) suggesting a connection to a famous historical personage connected with religion or spirituality. The position of Pluto opposite suggests the possibility of radical events including destruction of the tomb. Another reference to a tomb comes from Neptune [7pi] which is part of the Chinese asterism Wei or Kia-Ou. This asterism presided over tombs, graves, death, demise, misfortunes, tears and cries. Kia-Ou was also called “The Last House of the Master”.

Also notice that the nodal axis (with Mars) aligns with the meridian and squares the Sun creating  what is termed “the Moon Wobble” – a phenomena known to bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and  creating political  upheavals including acts of terrorism [1].  If we  progress the angles to July 24, the date of the incident the MC aligns perfectly with the nodal axis and Mars. Finally also note that the  Last Quarter Moon phase of July 19 accentuates the Moon Wobble by aligning it with the angles at Mosul confirming its role in the dastardly act.

A small but not unimportant detail in our context that deserves mention is the South Node [23ar] on the IC or fourth house cusp. In astrology the fourth is the house of the fathers and refers to ancestry and along with the South Node brings an emphasis on the past. Here we have the dim stars of Cetus, the Sea-Monster or the Whale sent to devour the Princess Andromeda in the celestial mythology of The Royal Family. Is it a coincidence that Prophet Jonah is believed by Abrahamic faiths to have been swallowed by a whale or fish?!