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Taiwan plane crash

The Great Storm Bird and the Sun God

A TransAsia plane has crashed in the Penghu Islands off the coast of Taiwan, killing 51 of its 58 passengers and crew in a failed emergency landing, Taiwanese authorities have said. Flight GE222 was flying from Kaohsiung to the archipelago when it tried to make an emergency landing in the city of Magong. Images on local television showed a blaze on the runway and emergency workers searching through twisted wreckage. The plane, a turboprop ATR Model 72, attempted an emergency landing due to bad weather caused by Typhoon Matmo, which slammed into Taiwan on Wednesday (July 23).

The Sun entered sidereal Cancer on July 17. The chart for this event at  Magong, Taiwan progressed to July 22 is shown here. Notice the powerful Grand Cross  involving Mercury-Uranus-Pluto straddling the horizon and meridian axis. With Mercury – the god of travel – involved with Uranus-Pluto, a combination known for accidents, the news cannot be a surprise.  It appears that the plane was trying to land in bad weather caused by a typhoon. It cannot be a coincidence that the  stars on the descendant were part of an archaic Chaldean lunar mansion whose patron god was Im-dugud-khu, “The Great Storm Bird” or “Storm Bird of the Evil Wind” .

Records show that these stars were transited at the 1864 Bay of Bengal  cyclone that killed 50,000, the 1881 typhoon that hit Haipong, China, killing thousands; in 1970 when a huge cyclone hit Ganges delta with winds upto 150 kmph and a 50-ft high sea wave : about 300,000 to 500,000 were killed, thousands more died later of typhoid and cholera; in 1979 when 3 twisters combined into one giant tornado and hit Wichita Falls; in 1991 when “Tornado Alley” was hit by several twisters some with winds clocking 450 kmph and many others.

In addition, the progressed MC is conjunct Pluto and the asteroid Icarus.


"Radical events" (Pluto) that  occur with planes (Icarus) or because someone took a risk or totally disregarded  the results of their actions (Icarus).