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Anti-corruption purge in China

Virgin goddess Astraea with scales of Justice

SINCE President Xi Jinping launched his anti-corruption campaign at the end of 2012, the question has been how high he would aim. On July 29th an emphatic answer came with the news that Zhou Yongkang was under investigation by the Communist Party for “serious violations of discipline”—for which, read corruption.

Zhou's case would be unprecedented, as no corruption investigation has ever been initiated against a member of the elite Politburo Standing Committee. The last PSC member to be ousted politically was Zhao Ziyang in the aftermath of Tiananmen in 1989, and the last PSC members to be put on trial were those of the Gang of Four following the Cultural Revolution.

In a previous post [1], we have discussed Xi Jinping’s horoscope and why he appears to be  “the chosen one” to lead an anti-corruption drive in China. Readers are urged to go back to that post to connect up with what follows.

Shown here is the sidereal Cancer Ingress chart progressed to July 29, the  date  of  the news of Zhou’s investigation. Note  that  a powerful Grand Cross  containing Uranus-Pluto-Kronos-Hades straddles the meridian axis. 

Kronos-Pluto : to see abuse of power through misuse of office, position, laws and procedures; to be aware that prominent persons (including leaders in government) are under substantial pressure.

The second observation is that the descendant not only coincides with Mars and the stars Spica, alpha Virginis [24li12] and Arcturus [24li26], alpha Bootis but also with Xi Jinping’s radix Saturn/Neptune.

Bootis, the Herdsman was often shown as a “Protector” and called the “Unarmed One”. The constellation Virgo  was sometimes identified with  the virgin goddess Iustitia or Astraea, holding the scales of justice in her hand as the constellation Libra.