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China factory explosion

An explosion this morning at a Jiangsu factory killed 65 people and left at least 120 injured. The blast occured around 7:37am at an automobile wheel polishing workshop owned by the Zhongrong Plating company in Kunshan, a city in the south of China's Jiangsu Province. According to CCTV reports, the explosion may have been caused by an overheated boiler. South China Post; August 2;

Eclipse and Cardinal Solar Ingress charts are considered to be extremely important in mundane astrology. In our present case we will see an example of how both can combine to produce an event and provide significant details.  

The first chart presented here is the sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart progressed to August 2. Notice Uranus [8ar] exactly on the IC triggering the Grand Cross that contains a volatile and explosive mix of Pluto-Uranus-Mars-Zeus. On the descendant [23ge] is the star  gamma Auriga, [23ge] in the heel of the Charioteer [1]. A modern version of a chariot would be an automobile . Can it be a coincidence that the explosion took place in an  automobile wheel polishing workshop?

The second chart is that of the last solar eclipse of April 29, progressed to August 2. The Mars [11li] of the explosive Grand Cross has reached the progressed MC [9li] which forms a Yod with the Sun [9ta] and Neptune [7ta]. Even on its own a Yod creates sudden very fateful events. But more interesting is the position of the Sun[9ta]  conjunct Gxy NGC 1399 [9ta]  in the constellation Fornax, [2] the Industrial Furnace (see image above). The explosion took place in a boiler which is an industrial furnace!