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Social discontent is the biggest risk for the Chinese economy

Perhaps the biggest risk for the Chinese economy, which has so far flown deep under the radar, is social discontent, resulting from a breakdown in recent "agreeable" labor conditions, wage cuts and rising unemployment, leading to labor strikes and in some cases, violence. Nov.12

The People's Republic of China was formally established on October 1, 1949, 3:01:36 pm CCT, Beijing, China. The chart of modern  China is based on this data [1]. Currently, the solar arc progressed Ascendant [7ar] is opposite the radix Sun in the 8th house which receives a square from Uranus in the 6th.

In mundane astrology the sixth house rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment  while  the eighth house deals with the nation’s foreign investments and the debt owed to it. Here the Sun is in the eighth house square Uranus in the sixth. Since squares represent a crisis we can already the see the essential nature of the problem. China has the largest foreign exchange reserves (Sun in 8th)  but its working class (6th) is poorly paid and unhappy enough to go on strikes (Uranus).

The Chinese economic reform was accompanied by a business boom, when the possibility to make trading and human association extraordinarily profitable occurred . The fruits expected by the partners as the outcome of their association can truly be of many kinds. What establishes the worth of a business relationship is not only whether it produces profits  but also the nature of the results expected by the participants of this relationship. It must be remembered that the large foreign exchange reserve was the result of ordinary Chinese labour working hard for the profits of their companies which were  then invested abroad instead of being ploughed back into welfare schemes for the working Chinese.  

The September 28, total lunar eclipse [5li] fell on the Sun-Uranus square in China’s chart thereby triggering its potential meaning. The Sun and the North Node in the eclipse were conjunct the dwarf planet Makemake.  

Makemake appears to bring attention to leadership issues regarding the administration of resources; and in areas involving economics and human survival. It  impels  strategic planning and enterprising action to create environmental conditions that ensure a healthy, prosperous and abundant life for the people in general. Makemake may also act to sort out those who are truly worthy of being in a leadership role from those who are not [2].

The news item above appeared on Nov.12. If we progress the eclipse chart to that date, notice how beautifully the Grand Cross containing the eclipse axis is triggered by the progressed Ascendant. If Uranus-Pluto is about rebellion and revolt, the TNPs Kronos and Hades refer to a polarization between labour (Hades) and management (Kronos).