Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Dog sex cancer's global march mapped in DNA

For the first time, researchers have traced the global spread of a baffling cancer transmitted between mating dogs. The tumour originated in a single dog 11,000 years ago but outlived its host by transferring to another dog - and is still on the march today. An international team led by Cambridge scientists mapped its progress based on DNA from 449 tumours in 39 countries. Some of the cancer's more recent travel between continents, they found, aligns with maritime trade routes.  May 17 http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-36307771

In this post we will use the March 9 solar eclipse chart at Cambridge to reveal symbolically some deeper truths for us humans that derive from this news. The eclipse was conjunct stars of the Indian lunar mansion Satabhisaj,  “Requiring a Hundred Physicians” – a reference to diseases that are hard to cure.  Here Saturn [16sa] along with the medical asteroid Aesculapia [16sa] connected to illness is  conjunct the star Sabik [18sa].  Eta (η) Ophiuchus, Sabik, a star on the loins of Ophiuchus, is about  the mixing of the primal and carnal forces as during the sexual act . Ophiuchus is depicted struggling with a Serpent, an ancient symbol of aroused passions. Sex, like fire, creates a reaction that can be constructive or destructive, depending on both the action and intent of the activity. It is either the sacred use or corrupted misuse of the sexual function that dictates the result. When the intended alchemical transformation does not take place, sex can become a means  for the transmission of genetic diseases.

As in dreams, cosmic messages coming through eclipses are often symbolic and can use animal symbols to convey the essence.  Here we find that Saturn, the apex planet  of the eclipse T, is also square Jupiter [18vi] which conjoins beta (β) Canes Venatici, Asterion, [18vi] on the southern of the two Hunting Hounds! So is it surprising that  the eclipse has chosen the Canes Venatici dogs to convey the message of Sabik?!

The following extract  about Sabik from Nick Fiorenza [1] brings out the deeper meaning of the eclipse for us humans:

Sabik embodies the mysteries (knowledge) of the transmutational power of the alchemical process--the mixing of the primal and carnal forces in our lives as well as to the fundamental elements found in nature, such as botanically-derived elements applied in medicines. Sabik embodies the secrets of wholistic medicine. In contrast to allopathic medicine, which denies the emotional role of dis-ease and dis-cord in our lives and treats symptoms with synthetic chemicals that merely cause more chronic conditions to occur, a negative degenerating spiral downward; wholistic medicine honors all aspects of the body as an intimate and integral system. To address the cause of disease and discord rather than merely treating symptoms we must treate ourselves as a whole beings comprise of a soul with its own patterns, as well as the mental, emotional and physical aspects of self--aspects of self that are not exclusive but are one living integrated system.

Many people have learned to suppress emotions, and this is not exclusive to allopathic medicine but is based in our establish cultural ways of life passed on by our upbringing. Allopathic medicine is but a extension of this cultural mentality, that is why is sells. Learning to reveal and embrace our emotions is the key to true healing, as this is most often where the blocked energy lies that causes disease. Suppressed e-motion is the resistance to the "motion of experience" in our lives. Many people live in a mental mode and/or a physical mode, obsessed with changing mental beliefs and patterns of thought to over come discord; or conversely, obsessed with extreme physical exercise or nutrition alone to do so, only to find the same discord and disease in their lives. The key overlooked lies between these two aspects of self--unlocking emotion, where the tension, the resistance to life is held.

The suppression of emotion further extends to the denial of our primal and sexual desires, compounded by the zillions of reinforcing beliefs that isolate this innate beautiful sacred experience of carnal intimacy as being wrong--not spiritual, not of Love, not of God.
Sabik embodies the primal wisdom of life and its secrets, it inspires embracing the passionate, emotional, and carnal aspects of self; and it inspires the discovery of natural cures buy amalgamating the most fundamental and natural aspects of life, it holds the secrets of the "alchemy of self mastery."

Finally, to confirm that the eclipse did in fact  contain the message outlined above, we progress the eclipse chart to May 17. And sure enough the progressed angles on that date trigger the eclipse T-square.

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