Thursday, 19 May 2016

Egypt Air Flight Crashes Into Mediterranean

The Fall of Icarus - Peter Paul Rubens

There are fears for the passengers and crew of an EgyptAir flight after it disappeared from radar. EgyptAir confirmed in a tweet that flight MS804 had disappeared after departing from Paris at 11.09pm (CEST) on the way to Cairo. There were 59 passengers on board and 10 crew members on board the Airbus A320.

The following extract from Richard Nolle written on April 30, appears to predict crashes around May 22.

The biopsychic and geopolitical atmosphere remains disturbed all month long, with both Mercury Max and Mars Max continuing throughout May – and reaching a couple of peak points in both cases. Mars Max hits a peak around May 22 (give or take a week), the date when the Red Planet glows big and bright in the night sky as it reaches perigee (close approach to Earth), on the occasion of the Sun-Mars opposition. Likewise, all things martial and bellicose flare up in the human psyche, individually as well as collectively. The "fires, crashes, clashes and explosions " so typical of this alignment are still surging all month long, but watch for them to reach a break-out point around the 22nd. Richard Nolle; May 2016 Forecast.

However, as before we make a distinction between the “minute” and “hour” hand of the cosmic clock. While Mars Max would fall under the “minute” hand , eclipses are among events that are in the category of the “hour” hand. 

A chart for the last lunar eclipse of March 23 drawn for the co-ordinates (33N42; 28E46) of the place where the plane was reported missing is shown here. For the stars on the Ascendant, Diana Rosenberg writes:

Some of the worst transportation disasters have occurred under these stars: this was Mars in 1985 when a Japan Airlines 747 crashed into Mt. Osutaka, killing 520 – “the worst single plane accident,” Saturn when two Jumbo jets fully loaded, fueled and taxiing for take-off, collided in fog and exploded into flame at Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1977 killing 582, “the worst air disaster in history,” Pluto in 1945 when a B-25 bomber, lost in fog crashed into New York’s Empire State Building, the Ascendant when a bomb exploded in an Air India 747 in 1985 sending it into the Atlantic off Ireland, killing all 329 on board, and the Ascendant when terrorist-sabotaged PanAm flight 103 crashed in flames at Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 killing 270.

The eclipse Sun along with travel planet Mercury is placed in the  9th house connected with airlines and long distance travel and its axis forms a T-square with the TNPs Kronos-Hades. The asteroids Siva [12cn]; Requiem [5cp] and Icarus [7pi] all form aspects to the Kronos-Hades conjunction. TNP Kronos with Icarus  here refers to an aircraft  while Requiem has connections death and Siva to destruction so that the eclipse was already highlighting the possibility of an air crash!

Progressing the eclipse chart to the May 18; 23:09 CEST brings the T-square to an alignment with the angles triggering the unfortunate event.

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