Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fifth of UK couples close to break-up

Eris – Goddess of Strife

Almost one in five (18%) couples in the UK argue regularly or consider separating, a study suggests. The report, carried out by charity Relate and based on a survey of 20,980 people in relationships from 2013-15, suggested 2.87 million people were in "distressed" relationships. Dr David Marjoribanks, from Relate, said constant bickering could have a "far-reaching" impact on children. On average they did worse in school and could even fall into crime, he said. May 25

The May 6, 2016 New Moon fell amongst the stars of the butting Ram and conjunct Ruchbah in the constellation of the arrogant Queen Cassiopeia.  These stars indicate obstacles, often created by our righteous attitudes of arrogance or greed. They can create painful and repetitive lessons in the fires of life, lessons that ultimately produce the alchemical honing of self. The lessons of Aries awaken us from our denial and naiveté regarding how arrogance can create our own entrapment in the Jaws of Cetus—the jaws continually pulling us into the transmutational fires of human experience [1].

At London, the New Moon was placed very significantly on the descendant with Mars ( archetypal male) making hard aspects to Venus (archetypal female) and Uranus-Eris. Eris was the goddess or spirit (daimona) of strife, discord, contention and rivalry [2]. So, in other words, the New Moon stars had already set the stage for events connected with male-female strife.

The Disseminating Moon occurs on May 25 and brings the Mars-Venus opposition to sharp focus by aligning it with the horizon axis. Notice that the Moon is just past retrograde Pluto and aspecting Uranus-Eris signaling the possibility of discord that may come about in relationships when partners focus on their individual needs.

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