Friday, 27 May 2016

IMF acknowledges “neoliberalism” was a mistake

In a stunning reversal for an organization that rests at the bedrock of the modern "neoliberal" (a term the IMF itself uses generously), aka capitalist system, overnight IMF authors Jonathan D. Ostry, Prakash Loungani, and Davide Furceri issued a research paper titled "Neoliberalism: Oversold?" whose theme is a stunning one: it accuses neoliberalism, and its immediate offshoot, globalization and "financial openness", for causing not only inequality, but also making capital markets unstable. May 27

The Aries Ingress chart (“hour hand”)  that governs the current period as well as the May 28 smaller but nonetheless significant Sun-Uranus semi-square chart (“minute hand”)  carry the Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn T-square on the angles.

Roger Shitag, in his essays on the Jupiter Neptune T- Square Saturn,  writes:

The collapse: Right now it is all about systems and structures. Our financial systems, politics systems, religious and belief systems, ecological systems, educational and social systems, you name it; are all facing up to some  kind of crisis or dysfunctionality or need for substantial change [1].

Neptune in Pisces points to a major blind siding or denial of reality as does the square from Jupiter in Virgo as in failing to look at the basic fundamentals and details. The T-square to Saturn is a metaphor for collapsing structures like an earthquake followed by a Tsunami. The Saturn Neptune square period which extends from now through till the Fall points to a major reality check from all angles – Saturn reality, Neptune/Pisces illusion and denial [2].

And finally, a chart for the current disseminating Moon phase of May 25  at Washington DC  highlights the Kronos-Hades-Pluto opposition on the meridian. Martha Wescott gives us the following delineations:

Hades-Kronos: Leaders, executives or experts make mistakes or discuss the past or investigations; expertise is questioned because a mistake was made or there are negative results; to see incidents where authorities have just made things worse.
Kronos-Pluto: experts in finance; changes of opinion.
Hades-Pluto: to hear of criminal activities in the world of finance or big business.

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