Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Death of the ‘American Eagle’.

Harriet’s life’s work began after she lost use of her wings. For years, the bald eagle flew freely in the Wisconsin wild, over sprawling valleys and snaking rivers. That easy existence ended abruptly in 2000, when she was struck by a passing vehicle and left injured on the side of the road, unable to move.

This news is best understood if we draw a chart for the last Full Moon at Wabasha, Minnesota where the National Eagle Center is located. The Full Moon and Mars are conjunct delta (δ) Ophiuchus, Yed Prior [2sa], a deep yellow star in the left hand of Ophiuchus holding the serpent, also called the hand of death. In addition both these are in a semi-square aspect to Pluto which in its turn is conjunct the asteroid Requiem (death) [1] and the star lambda Aquila[17cp] – in the constellation of the Eagle! And as if surprises thrown up by the chart were not enough, we find that the star lambda Aquila [2] is in the Eagle’s lower wing, reminding us that every detail is relevant [3]. Harriet was injured in her wing.

But does this news have a deeper symbolic meaning. Charles Harvey was probably one of the most fervent and enthusiastic of mundane astrologers, and his book, Mundane Astrology, co-authored with Michael Baigent and Nick Campion, remains the standard text for students. Harvey wrote these prophetic words in Mundane Astrology:

“We are going to need to develop ways of considering the future interweaving of whole hierarchies of cycles and charts rather than treating them in isolation as we do at present. How this is done effectively is one of the great challenges of the next few years”.

Another astrologer who has made it his job to 'develop ways of considering the future interweaving of whole hierarchies of cycles' is Dennis Elwell, whose classic and remarkable book Cosmic Loom  contains a disturbing set of observations about how the cosmos behaves, reflected via astrological patterns.

These patterns are neither cosy in their effects, nor are they individual-friendly. Elwell has termed their effects multicongruence and his definition is: the tendency for certain things and conditions to co-occur because they belong together at a higher, unmanifest level.

So what might be the deeper implication of this news. Let us remember that the  bald eagle is the national bird symbol of the United States of America. The eagle is a bird of prey and a fitting symbol for war and conquest. Pluto[17cp]  is currently transiting opposite the US Sibly Sun [16cn 34] (precession corrected). Pluto is a planet that we not only link with physical death as in the case of Harriet but also with the need to give up our old ways of doing things. In a previous post [4] we have seen how America’s obsession with wars is astrologically explained by the star backdrop to the Sibly Sun. So Pluto’s transit to the  radix Sun is creating conditions where this obsession with wars will have to die if the US is to survive as a nation!

[3] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.473)

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