Saturday, 21 May 2016

India Rethinks Rules Over Sale of GM Cotton Seeds

The Indian government has passed legislation capping royalties for new genetically-modified (GM) cotton varieties to be introduced by Monsanto, striking a blow at the company’s pricing structure in the heavily-populated country. Monsanto has come under fire from critics of farming that is reliant on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
Earlier in March, in response to complaints that Monsanto's Indian subsidiary Mahyaco Monsanto Biotech India Ltd (MMBL) was overcharging for a crop that produces its own pesticide, the agriculture ministry cut royalties paid by local seed firms by nearly 70 percent, substantially affecting MMBL's revenue.

To understand the cosmic reasons behind this development, I urge readers to first go through Nick Fiorenza’s post for the eclipse lunar cycle of September 2015 entitled “Winds of Change & New Beginnings” [1]. This was an eclipse lunar cycle, with a Partial Solar Eclipse occurring on September 13, 2015 , and a Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on September 28.

The Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on September 28 has the Moon in the 6th house. In her book “The Houses, Temples of the Sky,” Deborah Houlding writes “the 6th house  has a connection with farming and crops generally”[2]. 

The eclipse axis forms a Cross with the TNPs Kronos-Hades opposite Pluto.

Pluto-Kronos: to see a testing of laws, compliance with regulations; manipulation through a defiance of laws; attention to the finances of big business and regulations concerning investments or royalty, interest rates and similar payments.

Hades-Pluto-Kronos : Criminal financial dealings in high places; to attempt to achieve power by disenfranchising others.

Uranus-Pluto : all that was hidden is brought to light; collapse of schemes.

Here the Sun and North Node conjoin the asteroid Juno [3] and the dwarf planet Makemake [1].  Makemake is about leadership that strategically plans action to create environmental conditions that ensure a healthy, prosperous and abundant life for groups or for the people in general. Therefore, it is not surprising to expect a situation where leaders enforce fairness in  price or money related contracts (Juno).

The government order restricting prices came on May 19, Thursday. Progressing the eclipse chart to that day aligns the skewed  Cross with the angles.

JUNO: Partners; marriage/relationship; maintenance of one's rights or position with other; question of “rights” and fairness/compromise; enforcement of fairness; potential for score?keeping, jealousy, fears of abandonment & infidelity; tallying ($$$ & fairness).

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