Monday, 20 June 2016

5,000 pigs killed in Saskatchewan barn fire

A massive blaze killed 5,000 pigs after two pig barns caught fire in Canada's Saskatchewan - a west-central province known for its prairies and boreal forests. Footage from the scene shows heavy gray smoke rising from the barns, which are located near the town of Leroy in Saskatchewan about 160 kilometers east of Saskatoon, the largest city in the province. The fire was first reported at 4 pm local time on Saturday. Several fire, police and ambulance units were dispatched to the site soon after.

In an orchestra, symphonic band or other musical ensemble all the members play in complete harmony with what the conductor wants. So too the planets seem to work in perfect unison  to produce events on earth that a Great Conductor appears to want.

To illustrate this principle let us look at the chart for the exact Mars quincunx Uranus aspect (known for accidents and fires) that took place on Saturday, June 18 drawn for Leroy. Notice that it puts a powerful Grand Cross on the meridian. Jupiter in the Cross is conjunct the star Mizar which is associated with catastrophic fires.

Also for the location of Mars [23sc] Diana Rosenberg gives “fires (some huge conflagrations)” and notes the following:

Fire god Agni claims shared dominion over Visakha: this was Mars at the Great Fire of London of 1666; Jupiter at the 1947 Texas City Disaster when a burning freighter went up in a titanic explosion and inferno; at the 1903 Iroquois Theatre Fire in Chicago that killed 602; at the 1946 Atlanta GA, Winecoff Hotel Fire that killed 119 and the MGM Grand Hotel Fire of 1980; at the 1985 Bradford, England stadium fire; the Dumont Plaza Hotel fire in San Juan that killed 95; at the 1992 Windsor Castle fire and many others.

The theme of fires is further strengthened by the position of Uranus [23ar] amidst the stars of Cepheus who was also known as “inflammatus” by the Romans. Diana Rosenberg gives many examples of fires under these stars.

So in summary, we have several elements of the chart pointing to a huge conflagration and unfortunately for Leroy it was caught in the cross-hairs of the Grand Cross on the sensitive meridian axis when Mars-Uranus aspect was exact.

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