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5,000-Year-Old Tree in Scotland is Changing From Male to Female

Ardhanarishvara Elephanta Caves

The Fortingall Yew is an ancient European yew (Taxus baccata) in the churchyard of the village of Fortingall in Perthshire. It has been recorded as 'male' for centuries, but in recent years it has started to sprout seeds, suggesting that part of it is changing gender. This 'rare and unusual phenomenon' move has baffled botanists. 
It appears that whatever change is taking place is gradual, as the rest of the tree is still male. Coleman explains, “In the Fortingall Yew it seems that one small branch in the outer part of the crown has switched and now behaves as female.” He insists that the tree remains healthy and the three berries (seeds) have been collected for further study. The Fortingall Yew is believed to be upwards of 5,000 years old, as estimated by measurements taken today versus during the 1700s. It just goes to show that it is never too late to start living to your fullest expression.

Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable celestial phenomena and occur in pairs, eight years apart, which are themselves separated by more than a century. The previous transit of Venus took place on 8 June 2004 (preceded by transits on 9 December 1874 and 6 December 1882); the next pair of transits will occur on 10–11 December 2117 and in December 2125. The 2012 transit of Venus, when the planet Venus appeared as a small, dark disk moving across the face of the Sun, is considered by astrologers to carry a rare message – the coming change in the way we express our maleness! The following extract from Nick Fiorenza’s essay The 2012 Venus Transit [1] explains the deep metamorphosis taking place slowly in our concept of the masculine.

Mars squaring the Venus Transit stimulates dynamic creative action in leadership based from the Venus Transit theme. In addition there is a T-square occurring with Venus opposite the Centaur Pholus (and the minor planet Ixion), square to Mars. The Pholus-Ixion conjunction, which is long standing, is influencing a metamorphic transformation and healing regarding issues surrounding the tyrannical and exploitative use of power.

This T-square is an a significant facet of our Venus Transit and the years following. It places extra emphasis on the expression of Mars, but in an entirely new way. The Venus Transit in Taurus and the Ophiuchus Venus synodic theme invite the empowered and masterful expression of the feminine principle into the physical infrastructures of our lives, and in an enterprising capacity. This includes solution through intuition, art, abundance, beauty and unconditional compassion. Pholus-Ixion impels a transformational catalyst in the masculine, perhaps unseen yet mysteriously present. This entirety feeds into Mars, the foci of the T-square, which impels the externalized expression of this Sun-Venus-Earth / Pholus-Ixion energetic. It motivates us to ACTIVELY EXPRESS Mars, the masculine force in our lives and in our world in an entirely NEW WAY. It impels audacious creative leadership based from the feminine principle that catalyzes a paradigm metamorphosis into harmony, solution, abundance and beauty, one that is compassionate, respectful and caring for all life.

But why has the 2012 Venus transit become meaningful right now. Well, the June 5, 2016 New Moon [15ge] falls on the 2012 Venus transit position, also placed at [15ge], thereby activating the chart. A very significant and sharp aspect in the chart is Saturn [23li04] quincunx the Ascendant [23pi47]. In mundane charts, sharp aspects to angles are particularly significant for the place. The Sabian symbol for Saturn says it all:

Phase 204: A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side.

The butterfly is an ancient symbol of rebirth. A third wing shows a new development . The left side usually refers to the instinctual field of consciousness, but it also the heart side (female) as opposed to the logical reasoning mind (male), the right side. A new strength is shown, perhaps as yet unrealized.

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