Saturday, 18 June 2016

Beyond good and evil

NOT so long ago, in a galaxy really rather close by, a small band of rebels has taken up arms to overthrow a dark empire…No, this isn’t bad Star Wars fan fiction. It’s a pretty good description of a battle for cosmology going on right now. On one side is the mighty firepower of cosmology’s standard model. It brings order to everything from the patterns in the big bang’s afterglow to the evolution of galaxies. But it can only do so using dark powers. There’s dark matter, an additional unseen stuff amounting to a quarter of everything in the universe, which keeps galaxies and clusters of galaxies in line and stops them from flying apart. Far outgunning even this, however, is dark energy. Representing more than two-thirds of the universe, dark energy is a mysterious, expansionist force whose very identity is unknown – but which has dominated the cosmos for the past 5 billion years.

Not for much longer, if the rebels lining up on the other side against the universe’s established order have anything to do with it. “In 10 years’ time, dark energy is gone,” says Thomas Buchert of the école Normale Supérieure in Lyon, France. Dark energy’s power, the insurgents claim, is a mere illusion created by the machinery of the standard model itself. They now aim to bring it down. At the heart of this unbalanced conflict lies a founding principle of the universe – or at least, of cosmology since the days of Copernicus. He argued in the 16th century that Earth didn’t occupy any special place in the universe.

Eclipses have a long term effect and their message is brought out in events as and when the progressed angles trigger the eclipse chart. Shown here is the chart for the lunar eclipse of March 23 at Lyon, France. Notice that it placed very significantly on the meridian forming a T with the TNPs Kronos and Hades. Martha Wescott gives the following key phrases for the combination:

Hades – Kronos: Laws or authority are questioned because a mistake was made; Authoritative opinions were based on an out-and-out fallacy or a keyhole view of a situation.

The TNPs Hades and Kronos are conjunct Propus in  Castor’s left foot and Alhena in Pollux’s left foot respectively.  Pollux is the evil (immortal) twin to Castor  (the good or mortal twin) – a beautiful symbol that contrasts ‘dark matter’ with ‘normal matter’ as we know it.

Mythologically, the twin brothers Castor and Pollux (i.e. Polydeuces) represent the duality of our higher (good) and lower (evil) selves . And the glyph of Gemini became the connected pillars which symbolize united duality. Also notice how the Twins are depicted hugging each other, in other words they are inseparable. The Standard Modern of Cosmology with its obsession with ‘normal matter’ had to postulate a contrasting ‘dark matter’ to complete its thesis. However, the essential discovery of all the great spiritual traditions is that experience cannot be divided into “good” and “evil”. This understanding, sometimes referred to as Non-Duality or Advaita, lies at the core of all spiritual traditions and although it cannot be expressed directly, teachers, sages, mystics and poets use the language of their culture to point towards this Reality.

Therefore, it is  no surprise that new research now claims that dark energy’s power is a mere illusion created by the machinery of the standard model itself. And if we now  go back to the eclipse chart and progress it to June 17, the date of the news, lo and behold, the angles trigger the T-square once again.

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