Saturday, 11 June 2016

Euro 2016: England and Russia fans clash

Taurus - the Bull

Two England supporters have been seriously injured in Marseille after violent clashes with rival fans before and after England’s opening Euro 2016 group match against Russia. A number of other fans were also in hospital, the British ambassador to France said early on Sunday, after a day and night of chaos in the French city. After running battles between England and Russia fans in the old port area in the hours before the match, trouble flared in the Stade Velodrome at the end of the Group B match. June 12

In the last post we looked at a road accident in Poland attributable to the current Mars-Mercury opposition. At Marseille as in Poland the opposition is on the horizon so we are seeing  another manifestation of the combination.  Mercury is placed in Taurus, the Bull which sees red at the slightest provocation and charges with its horns down.

About Mars, astrologer Hiroki Niizato [1] writes:

In astrology, Mars represents how we need to pursue what we want in order to be effective.  Ideally, your Mars needs to be spending most of its time in a state of focused action (the Hunter mode) to bring you closer to your goals.  In reality, it’s likely that you also experience Mars as frustration and anger in your daily life.

Mars in Scorpio: “I get angry when you threaten to make me look weak or unimportant.”  Scorpio seeks security through power and control (including self-control), and will fight back if anyone dares to make light of its importance. 

In the chart here Mars is the ruler of the 5th house linked to sports [2] and places of crowd amusement so that it is no surprise that the incident occurred at a football match.

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