Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Medical breakthrough may end malaria

Gula – The Great Doctoress

From his extensive laboratory on the leafy campuses of the University of Oxford, Professor Adrian Hill is conjuring up a formula to protect us from disease. As director of the Jenner institute, Hill is creating a well-crafted "potion" of ingredients which, when combined inside a vaccine, could prepare our immune system to attack biological invaders. His formulation could one day form the foundation to protect humans from a range of diseases including malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. He is designing a new class of vaccine, unlike any other in use today, with an end goal of disease elimination. "This is being assessed widely for use in cancer, Hepatitis C, and we've used it in Ebola and HIV," says Hill. "There are 8 different diseases where [this] approach is in clinical trial."  June 2

A chart for the solar eclipse of March 9 drawn for Oxford  helps explain the reason for the major breakthrough in medicine. The eclipse was conjunct stars in the stram of water from Aquarius’urn part of Gula, the ancient Great Doctoress. It also forms one leg of a powerful T-square with apex Saturn on the Ascendant at Oxford. Saturn is conjunct the medical asteroid Aesculapia and the star eta (η) Ophiuchus, Sabik,  on the right leg of the Serpent Bearer. Ophiuchus and his Serpent are prominent in health and medical issues.

We also notice that the powerful Uranus-Pluto square, linked to scientific breakthroughs, straddles the meridian. When progressed to June 2, the date of the news, the moving Ascendant triggers the square. The second trigger to the eclipse chart comes from the upcoming June 5  New Moon [14ge] which falls exactly on the descendant completing a Grand Cross with the radix T-square.

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