Friday, 24 June 2016

Polyamorous relationships may be the future of love

As a child Franklin Vieux recalls hearing his school teacher read a story about a princess who had a tantalising dilemma. Two male suitors had been wooing her and she had to choose between them. Franklin wondered why she could not choose both.  June 23

This article is part of a series on sexual revolutions published at BBC Earth. It offers an opportunity to see how symbols in astrology with their wide meanings can be interpreted in different ways and give rise to several closely connected events. In the last two posts we have discussed the combination of TNPs Cupido-Hades. In the first post [1] we saw that the combination was leading to Brexit because of a decline (Hades) in sense of family unity (Cupido). Whereas in the second post [2] it was about depressions (Hades) linked to family history (Cupido). In both these posts since Makemake was also involved we saw that the root cause of the problem was “our psycho-emotional fog  that was perpetuating confused life scenarios, antiquated involvements, or entrapments that are no longer in our highest interest nor serving our well-being, especially regarding our fundamental physical needs and emotional desires”.

Going back to the lunar eclipse of March 23 at London we remind ourselves that it was part of a Grand Cross. Additionally, the TNP Apollon formed a trine to Hades and was therefore anchored to the opposition axis of Hades-Kronos-Cupido. Among other things, the TNP Kronos is about “rules or laws” so that this combination can be interpreted as outdated (Hades) marriage (Cupido) laws (Kronos) or even a decline (Hades) in laws (Kronos) connected with marriage (Cupido). When an opposition of two planets receives a harmonious aspect from a third planet, that planet offers a way out of the dilemma. Here the TNP Apollon which means “more than one” is essentially saying that the old rules of exclusivity in marriage are no longer working. It is time to try out polyamorous relationships!

If we progress the eclipse chart to June 23, the date of the article, (same date as Brexit referendum) we find that the eclipse is now aligned with the horizon axis and therefore triggered.

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