Saturday, 11 June 2016

Road accidents at Mercury-Mars opposition

A passenger van overturned and caught fire on a highway in Thailand, killing 11 school teachers inside, news reports said Saturday. The Nation newspaper said the teachers were trapped in the burning vehicle after the Friday night crash on a highway in Chonburi, southeast of Bangkok. The Khaosod newspaper said the victims were school teachers. The Nation reported the driver lost control after one of the tyres of the van burst. It quoted the interior ministry’s disaster management department as saying that four people managed to get out of the van before it burst into flames. Thailand roads are among the world’s most dangerous. Speeding and other traffic violations are common and law enforcement on the highways is lax. June 11

A chart for the exact opposition aspect between Mercury and Mars on June 10 drawn for Chonburi has a Grand Cross on the angles. Mercury is in the third house of travel and the IC is occupied by the Sun in Gemini (roads) and conjunct the asteroids Icarus (rash or reckless behavior)  and Phaethon (cars) so that an accident was inevitable.

A Polish civilian was killed and one injured in a car accident involving a convoy of four US Army vehicles currently in Poland for the country's largest military exercise, the service has confirmed. The incident occurred at 11:30 p.m. local time Tuesday. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the US Army Europe commander, expressed his condolences Wednesday following a bridge-crossing exercise in Chelmno, where he told reporters of the incident.

This news too is attributable to the Mars-Mercury opposition but in a more direct way. A chart for the exact opposition aspect between Mercury and Mars at Chelmno, Poland has it straddling the horizon axis. And for the time of the accident on June 7, two days before the exactness, it was just past the meridian confirming its role in the unfortunate episode.

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