Thursday, 30 June 2016

Singapore Airlines plane catches fire

A plane carrying 241 people has caught fire as it made an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Passenger on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ368 from Changi Airport to Milan said they clapped as the jet made what appeared to be a smooth emergency landing. But seconds later, the right engine and wing were ablaze, with flames engulfing the right side of the jet. The plane was about two hours into the flight when it turned back, touching down at 6:50am. In a statement, Singapore Airlines said the plane’s right engine caught fire following an engine oil warning message. June 27

Quite often events on earth can be seen through the lens of more than one cosmic indicator. To understand the Singapore Airlines fire we will first look at the chart for the Mars synod at Singapore. This occurred at the midpoint of the Mars retrograde cycle on May 22 when the Sun and Mars opposed each other. At Singapore both these planets were placed  significantly on the horizon axis making hard aspects to Pluto and the TNP Zeus in a complex configuration also involving the MC. Here Mars is in the travel sign Sagittarius.

 If we now progress the chart for the Mars synod to June 27, the date of the accident, we find that the TNP Zeus reaches a conjunction to the MC. The TNP Zeus rules fires as well as fuels and engines so that an engine fire is not surprising. But what is more interesting is the fact that Zeus is conjunct the star Kraz, beta Corvus, in the right wing of the Raven – apparently the fire took place in the right wing of the aircraft!

The second chart that we present here is that of the upcoming New Moon at Singapore. Notice that the New Moon is part of a T-square that straddles the angles and has the TNP Zeus on the MC once again indicating a fire (on the right wing of a “bird”!) The New Moon is conjunct Sirius and in the Arabic lunar mansion Al Hana’h which warns “do not travel”. To this Diana Rosenberg adds “travel disasters caused by fire”. 

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