Sunday, 5 June 2016

Switzerland rejects "free lunch" for all Marxist dream

This weekend the Swiss population was called upon to make a historic decision, when Switzerland became the first country worldwide to put the idea of free money for everyone, technically known as Unconditional Basic Income (of CHF2,500 per month for every adult man and woman, and CHF625 for every child, for doing absolutely nothing) to a vote.  As reported previously, the outcome of this referendum would set a strong precedent and establish a landmark in the evolution of the debate of handing out free money in a centrally-planned world. And as predicted, based on early vote projections it has been a landslide decision against the "free lunch." June 5

A Grand Mutable Cross sets the sacrificial tone of the week. It’s a powerful configuration composed of the tension of two oppositions, as well as the stress of four squares. The Sun/Venus/Neptune square invites romantic idealism, and while this is a highly inspirational interaction, it easily ignores the truth of the situation in favor of wishful thinking. The good news (if you want to call it that) is Saturn’s consistent ability to keep it real. So even though you may balk at Saturn’s ability to spot the weakness in any structure, its presence could keep you from making a decision you might later regret.
Again, Saturn’s insistence on reality also mitigates the Sun/Venus/Jupiter square. Jupiter encourages the Sun and Venus toward extravagant language, gestures, and habits, but Saturn steps in and saves the day with practical questions about the consequences of such excess.

The above extract from Ralfee Finn’s weekly forecast for June 1 – 7  [1] explains the cosmic energies at work that led to Swiss voters rejecting the “free lunch”  for all dream.  Notice that a chart for the Sun-Jupiter square places the Cross on the angles at  Bern suggesting that its energies needed a resolution in Switzerland.

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