Thursday, 2 June 2016

The buzz around Australia's bee exports

Phoenix – the Firebird

Bees play a key role in food production - pollinating about a third of the world's crops. But globally bee populations are in decline because of disease, and Tasmania in southern Australia is one of the few places where they remain free of deadly pests. That's led to a lucrative business selling live bees overseas. Lindsay Bourke, the president of the Tasmanian Bee Keepers' Association, tells the BBC about selling bees to Canada. June 2

The Tasmanian Bee Keepers' Association has its headquarters in Wynyard, Tasmania. A chart for the last solar eclipse of March 9 for Wynyard shows it placed in the 10th conjunct  Neptune on the MC. The upcoming New Moon of June 5 falls opposite the Saturn leg of the eclipse T-square thereby activating it. Jupiter which is opposite the eclipse is in Virgo. The Virgin is often shown with a sheaf of corn in her hand indicating the sign’s connection to agriculture and farming.

Musca - originally Apis, the Bee

Among the stars that form the backdrop to the eclipse is Ankaa, alpha Phoenix. The Phoenix-Firebird rises  from its ashes renewed. And on the descendant [26sc] is the star delta Musca  [1] in the constellation of the Bee! So is the eclipse providing ways and means to revive the declining bee population!!

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