Monday, 6 June 2016

US sailors in Japan slapped with full drinking ban, confined to base

Three separate scandals involving American servicemen and contractors in a highly-controversial Navy base in Japan's Okinawa have finally resulted in an all-out alcohol ban on all the 18,600 sailors. The measure is the latest and comes after a Marine's drunk-driving stunt.

Adding to the two cases involving murder and rape of two young Japanese women, a third incident saw a US sailor with six times the legal alcohol limit go on a joyride, hitting two cars in the wrong lane. The officer, Aimee Mejia, who was assigned to Kadena Air base, is now being held by Japanese police.  June 6

The June 5 New Moon [14ge] was conjunct the star Rigel of Orion, the Warrior – a constellation linked to the military  - and that too placed very significantly on the MC at Kadena. It is therefore appropriate that the military is in the news at that place. And with the New Moon square Neptune, is it at all a surprise that sailors are involved!

For the now tightening Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square, Richard Nolle writes:

The Jupiter-Saturn square of May 26 (feeding into Saturn’s June 18 square to Neptune to comprise a T-Square) is the biggest celestial configuration of May on into June, in the over-all scheme of things. A breakdown in comity and civility is part of this picture, but more importantly it’s the breakdown of civil order per se: social, financial and political institutions are breaking down and grinding to a halt.

A chart for the June 5 New Moon at Kadena, Okinawa catches the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square on the angles making it prominent for the place. Neptune in Pisces is well known for its addiction to alcohol while Venus-Jupiter adds the element of indulgence and excess.  However, it is the disciplinarian Saturn on the IC that forces the alcohol ban.

Finally, the New Moon [14ge] is conjunct the asteroid Phaethon (cars and rash driving) so that a Marine's drunk-driving stunt can also be seen in the chart!

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