Monday, 20 June 2016

US Senate rejects all gun bills

The Senate voted down four separate gun measures Monday in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history — showing the partisan paralysis over gun control has barely moved on Capitol Hill despite the stream of continued gun violence across the country. Lawmakers took up two separate issues involving gun regulations: how to improve the nation’s background check system for those who want to purchase firearms, and how to ensure those with terrorist ties do not obtain a gun. But those questions remained unresolved by lawmakers as of Monday night.

Lunations are among the important tools available to astrologers to understand where the cosmos is focusing its energies. A chart for Monday’s Full Moon at Washington, DC contains a clue as to why the Senate voted down the gun measures. As always our attention should first be focused on the angles. Here we find the Kronos-Zeus-Pluto T-square straddling the horizon. Martha Wescott [1] provides the  delineations below:

Kronos-Zeus-Pluto: laws (Kronos) pertaining to radical events (Pluto) perpetrated by the use of guns (Zeus).

Kronos-Pluto: Events show that differences of opinion, legalities, rules or attempt to set procedures (Kronos)  are actually power struggles or arise from resentment and a need to push others to their limits (Pluto).

Admetus-Pluto-Zeus -Kronos: to attempt to resist (Admetus) change (Pluto) in gun (Zeus) laws (Kronos).

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