Sunday, 3 July 2016

After "Brexit" is it "Italeave" now?

With all eyes distracted by the post-Brexit euphoria, the last week has seen a far more existential crisis accelerating in Europe. Italy's banking system is in tatters (from a EUR40bn bailout 6 days ago, to EUR150 emergency support 3 days ago, to a bank bailout and chatter of further support from pension funds Friday) but, in what seems like a clear admission that things are really bad, The FT reports that Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi is prepared to defy the EU and unilaterally pump billions of euros into its troubled banking system if it comes under severe systemic distress, a last-resort move that would smash through the bloc’s nascent regime for handling ailing banks. As we noted previously, Brexit will be just the scapegoat used by Renzi and Italy to circumvent any specific eurozone prohibitions. And if it fails, all Renzi has to do is hint at a referendum of his own. Then watch as Merkel scrambles to allow Italy to do whatever it wants, just to avoid the humiliation of a potential "Italeave."

Although astrology is really the observation of many different and overlapping cycles in the tapestry of a human life, in order to make sense of the complexity, it is necessary to understand which planetary cycle serves as the “hour hand” of the cosmic clock and which can be regarded as the “minute” or “second” hand. A practical way to look at this whole issue is to think of the important slow moving cycles as telling us what should happen while the faster less important ones help to time the message of the slower cycles.

One of the more important configurations in the current period is the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. Contained in this T are the last quarter of the Saturn-Neptune 36.4-year cycle and the last quarter of the Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle.  These squares impel movement and expansion away from societal models and constructs in our personal lives that have now become limiting and restricting to new growth. The existing constructs in our lives simply cannot support any further growth, thus we either modify those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth and expansion, or we dismantle those constructs all together.

While these squares have been active for sometime, Mars which takes about 22 months to travel the wheel turned retrograde on April 17.  The Mars cycle rules the quality of our drives, motivations, and actions which have about a two-year structure of time through which we can work. Completion of the Mars retrograde on  June 29 and the Mars-Saturn conjunction on  August 24 act as a stimulus to action- a time to initiate change in those cycles—in the sociopolitical structures in the world and in the modalities of our personal lives that are based upon antiquated ideologies. (Note that Brexit took place on June 24 just when Mars was stationing to go direct).

Another cycle that has been working in the background is that of Juno. Juno had stationed retrograde on April 27. The completion of both Juno (on June 22) and Mars retrogrades should have felt as a welcomed sense of movement and progression in creative action and in our relationships and partnerships of all types, those personal and those of business and politics.

Excerpt from Nick Fiorenza: This new Juno synodic cycle offers a fresh start for relationships of all types, those personal and intimate, those of a professional nature, and those between nations of the world, especially those involving covenants, commitments and agreements. It provides opportunity to claim far greater freedom and fulfillment in our existing relations, or through the establishment of new relations, that can free us from entrapping patterns of the past.

With the understanding of the complex tapestry of the cycles at work, it should not be surprising if Italy and other EU members begin to want out of the union in the coming period. Notice that the current Cancer Ingress chart for Rome carries the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square on the horizon axis. With Mercury occupying the “reaction point” of the T opposite Saturn, the message is clear. One is “thinking” (Mercury) of “separation”(Saturn).

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