Monday, 11 July 2016

Civil Unrest Explodes In Berlin

The biggest and most violent protest in Germany erupted in Berlin over the weekend exactly with our models calling for an explosion in civil unrest. Some 1800 police were called in and at least 120 policemen were injured in what is becoming a street battle. This has been the most aggressive and violent protest in Germany for the past five years. July 11

As readers are aware, the current New Moon of July 4 fell opposite Pluto. In Berlin, the New Moon was placed very significantly on the meridian axis. Pluto rules upheaval, breakdown and decay, but also regeneration and the purifying fire of catharsis. It reflects the archetypal Underworld--the dark, mysterious, and often terrifying reality which lurks beneath the surface of things, beneath our ego and societal conventions and the veneer of civilization, and which is periodically unleashed with great destructive and transformative force. In Capricorn, Pluto’s energy is directed against institutions that have become self-serving.

As in the US, so also in Germany, the New Moon opposite Pluto is unleashing murderous hatred against the police that protects the ruling classes. (Note: In Washington, DC it was square the meridian axis.)  Progressing the New Moon chart to July 10, when the violence erupted we find that the progressed IC conjoins Pluto exactly on that date.

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