Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How Japan came to believe in depression

Depression was not widely recognised in Japan until the late 1990s. July 20

So how do we explain this new realization about depression in Japan? As most readers are aware, eclipses carry  specific messages which are felt most acutely in those places where the angles aspect important planetary configurations. Most astrologers recognize that eclipses become active at least 3 months prior to their actual occurrence. Shown here is a chart for the upcoming September 1 solar eclipse, drawn for Kyushu, Japan from where the story was filed on July 20 when the transit Sun (27cn) formed hard aspects to Saturn and Neptune. Notice that the eclipse luminaries with Saturn-Neptune form a T-square that straddles the meridian. That Saturn-Neptune squares are linked to depression is well known as the following extract from the article Averting the Great Depression – The Saturn/Neptune square 2015-16 [1] explains.

This square subtly ushers in a growing pressure by the hard-ass Saturn to confront any dreamy delusions or escapist tendencies, fanciful notions that simply don’t align with what is expected of us in this structured and physically quantifiable world.

Neptune strikes back with the subtle weaving of fantastic abstractions that seem to challenge our perceived reality, undermining its core foundations and adherence to solid facts as if they were mere superstitions. Like the sea’s crashing waves upon the side of a cliff, Neptune works away earnestly to erode its stony structure, eventually enfeebling its solid stability.

Since both planets are in signs that seek a higher truth (Sagittarius and Pisces), there will be a considerable struggle to present one definitive version that Saturn will accept as satisfactory enough to work with. The difference here is that Sagittarius is concerned with external, scientific truths whilst Pisces is largely esoteric. Worlds collide, in the most religious sense possible. What to believe?

So a gradual process of elimination, a dissolution of values we hold sacred about our world, the things we believe in, often without any evidence becomes the crux of this clash. It is the deep submersion of our trusted standards into the ridiculous and sublime currents that are now trending, and the resulting scenario could prove disastrous if either side refuses to yield from their cherished perspective.

Neptune, dignified in Pisces, will eventually erode away any outworn foundations, finally collapsing our proverbial cliff to its untimely demise into the sea. Things could go either way, but it is external structure – exterior reality that will either stand firmly against the test of time, or crumble hopelessly into the dissolving elements. In this case the element is water. Infinite amounts of it.

The aspect plays out most intensely over three distinct periods where these two planets are at least within 4-5° orbs by square. These will be periods where the process of confusion, renunciation, withdrawal and dissolution will prevail, often with difficult, disappointing and even depressing times.

[1] Averting the Great Depression – The Saturn/Neptune square 2015-16

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