Friday, 29 July 2016

IMF’s calamitous misjudgments brought to light

The International Monetary Fund’s top staff misled their own board, made a series of calamitous misjudgments in Greece, became euphoric cheerleaders for the euro project, ignored warning signs of impending crisis, and collectively failed to grasp an elemental concept of currency theory.  This is the lacerating verdict of the IMF’s top watchdog on the fund’s tangled political role in the eurozone debt crisis, the most damaging episode in the history of the Bretton Woods institutions. The report by the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) goes above the head of the managing director, Christine Lagarde. It answers solely to the board of executive directors, and those from Asia and Latin America are clearly incensed at the way European Union insiders used the fund to rescue their own rich currency union and banking system. July 29

This news is best understood if we go back to the eclipses of September 2015.  In his post for the lunar month entitled Winds of Change & New Beginnings,  Nick Fiorenza [1] points out that the solar eclipse of September 13 which fell in the area of Lion’s tail was about the shenanigans of those in power intended to fool the masses -a theme common to late Leo - and that the eclipse cycle was about the masses becoming aware of the conspiracy of the authorities so that new beginnings could take place.

A Full Moon brings the New Moon theme to a culmination. What was dark at New Moon is brought to the light of consciousness at the Full Moon.  Here we look at the chart for the Full Moon eclipse of September 28 drawn for Washington, DC where IMF has its headquarters. We notice that the Full Moon is part of a slightly skewed Grand Cross with Pluto in the 8th opposite TNPs Hades and Kronos.

The eighth house rules “international finance” [2] so that institutions like the IMF are placed here. Martha Wescott gives us the following delineations for the relevant elements of the Grand Cross:

Hades-Kronos: Leaders, executives or experts make mistakes or discuss the past or investigations; expertise is questioned because a mistake was made or there are negative results; to see incidents where authorities have just made things worse.
Kronos-Pluto: experts in finance; changes of opinion.
Hades-Pluto: to hear of criminal activities in the world of finance or big business.

But how can we sure that the foregoing applies to the news coming from the IMF? Well as always there is a simple test. Let us progress the eclipse chart to July 29, the date of the news. Notice that the eclipse Grand Cross aligns with the horizon axis on that day confirming that our analysis and the conclusions drawn are correct.

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