Sunday, 3 July 2016

Is the US Postwar Order Unraveling?

In its reporting on Brexit, the New York Times asks an interesting question: “Is the post-1945 order imposed on the world by the United States and its allies unraveling, too?” Hopefully, it will mean the unraveling of two of the most powerful and destructive governmental apparatuses that came out of the postwar era: NATO and the U.S. national-security state. In fact, although the mainstream media and the political establishment elites will never acknowledge it, the irony is that it is these two apparatuses that ultimately led to the Brexit vote. June 27

Are there any astrological indications of a possible collapse of the US? Let us recall that the precession corrected Pluto transit is still opposite the radix Sibly Sun. To understand the importance of  Pluto transit opposite the US Sibly Sun, here is an extract from astrologer Doug Walker [1][2] :

Pluto in astrology acts as a force for creative destruction. This term, creative destruction, was coined by the Viennese economist, Joseph Schumpeter. Schumpeter described creative destruction as, a “process of…mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the….structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, and incessantly creating a new one.” The chart of the USA (7/4/1776) is undergoing some major Plutonian transits. Pluto has opposed first Venus (which brought on a severe financial crisis in America in 2008/10), then Jupiter for the year, 2010, and also in 2011 and 2012. By 2014 it will move on to the opposition of the US Sun (see Pluto/Sun page), which is located in the Sibley chart at 13° Cancer 19΄. This type of opposition from Pluto to the USA chart has never happened before and it should bring on some severe crises.

Two things can happen with this opposition.

First, this whole American experiment will collapse and die. And that can happen with the oppositions and conjunctions of Pluto. A transiting Pluto conjunct the Soviet Union’s natal Sun caused the Soviet Union to collapse and die. A transiting Pluto opposition destroyed the Nazis; Pluto displayed an aspect of nemesis that the Nazi’s never survived.

What will happen to our leaders? What will happen to the elites in Washington?

They will be tested for flaws in character. If the flaws are deep, they will fall. Fate will be the judge of any weakness here. There will be no mercy for bad decisions. Lies can be disastrous; shortcuts will not work.

Expect to see a new type of leadership in America. In any kind of suddenly apparent disconnection between the American people and its politicians, and bureaucrats, and administrators, and judges, it will be the leaders who fall. The new leadership will lead by falling back on to the original founding core values of America.

It is all going to change probably in ways most of us can’t even dream of. This change will bring painful events, but it will cleanse the corruption (much of which we are blind to) out of the body politic. Welcome to the creative destruction of Pluto.

We can look upon the slow moving Pluto transit to the US Sibly Sun as the hour hand of the clock. The destruction of an empire doesn’t take place at just one moment in time. It can be a prolonged affair as was the case with the Soviet Union or even the Roman Empire. But in that long protracted death spiral, smaller transits and other mundane events create instances which keen observers can see as contributing to the larger picture. 

Tomorrow as the US celebrates its 240th birthday, a New Moon occurs on its radix Sun [13cn] triggering the Pluto-Sun transit.  Fifteen days later, the Full Moon [27cp] falls on the Sibly Pluto. With both the July lunations activating Pluto – the planet linked to “creative destruction” this month and period following may well see some more incidents that show  clearly the death spiral in action!

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