Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lovers Forced To Part Years Ago Finally Find Their Happily Ever After

"If it is meant to be, it will be," is something that you will often find as an over-abused meme on your feed, often with pictures of people looking away, pondering deeply while gazing into the sea or staring at stars. However, a Mumbai couple actually illustrates that in some love stories, fate has a bigger role than you perhaps give it credit for and to employ yet another cliche -- if you're meant to be with someone, the entire universe will conspire to make it happen. It's the story of a Hindu man and a Muslim woman, whose chance at love and life was taken away due to religious prejudice, but even getting married to different people couldn't keep them apart, and many years and three children later, the duo still managed to find a way into each other's hearts. July 27.

The  news comes to us just as Uranus stations retrograde. A chart for the mundane event drawn for Bombay carries a Grand Cross aligned with the horizon axis. Part of the Cross is one of the more important configurations in the current period - the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square. Contained in this T are the last quarter of the Saturn-Neptune 36.4-year cycle and the last quarter of the Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle.  These squares impel movement and expansion away from societal models and constructs in our personal lives that have now become limiting and restricting to new growth. The existing constructs in our lives simply cannot support any further growth, thus we either modify those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth and expansion, or we dismantle those constructs all together. Defining the Cross further are the asteroids Atropos and Persephone on the Ascendant square Pandora on the North Node. Keyphrases for the asteroids are provided by Martha Wescott [1]. Readers will notice that the news story can be understood from the delineation of the various elements.

Saturn square Nodes: Authority and the rules they set were uncaring or unresponsive. In the past hard practical limits of Saturn were met with a feeling of futility or impossibility leading to time-serving self-sacrifice [2].
Neptune conjunct South Node: Neptune is the planet of non-attachment. On the South Node (past) it leads us to recognize a potentially negative Neptune quality – people may have unnecessarily given up something they actually really needed in a past life [2].
Saturn-Neptune: Did we allow our “dreams” (Neptune) to be throttled by our sense of “duty, responsibility and the keeping up with social rules or obeying authority”(Saturn)?
Atropos/Persephone:  Because of new circumstances people  are dealing with a passage in which their “separateness” is no longer required – in other words, it is “the end” (Atropos) of “feeling apart” (Persephone).
Atropos/Pandora: The “end” of one sequence opens the door to something that the person did not anticpate – a huge surprise.

[2] Yesterday’s Sky; Steven Forrest

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