Friday, 15 July 2016

Massacre in Nice

A lorry has ploughed through a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice. At least 84 people are dead, including many children, the interior ministry says.

In his July forecast, Richard Nolle wrote:

July continues two major themes from June: an intensified Mars Max, and an unrelenting Saturn-Neptune square. In that sense, this month is cut from the same cloth as last: full of murder and mayhem, “fires, crashes, clashes and explosions” (the Mars Max component), and socio-political-economic disintegration and deception (the Saturn-Neptune square). Into the mix there are some geophysical shock windows, harbingers of storms solar, seismic and atmospheric. Time being of the essence – the last several weeks have been very busy here – here’s the nub of it.

Mars remains within a degree of its June 29 direct station all the way into mid-July, with an emphatic kicker tacked on by the Moon-Mars alignment on the 14th. The Mars Max as a whole continues in force into September, but the first half of July marks the end of the last major turbulence associated with this cycle. Anger, haste, recklessness and belligerence are the keynotes of this cycle, so be careful out there. Dangers range from accidental mishaps to criminal misdeeds to terrorist atrocities. Most of us will only experience these things secondhand, via the news. That’s plenty bad enough. You’ll know it when you see it: a rash of murders and mass murders, a clutch of big fires, crashes and explosions . . . the all too familiar same old same old. Thank heaven it’s nearing an end now. Be especially vigilant around the 14th (when the Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn) and the 29th (Mercury squares Mars and Uranus stations retrograde).

In a previous post [1], I used the concept of gear wheels to explain how the slowest moving wheel is of utmost importance to understand what is about to happen and I would add even where. In this case here, while the Mars Max and the Moon alignment is important, it can still be looked upon as the “minute” and “second” hand of the clock. For the more important  “hour” hand we will need to go back to the Capsolar (sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart) for Nice, France. Notice that it has a powerful T-square containing Uranus-Pluto-Zeus-Mercury straddling the meridian – a very significant warning for the place. Among other things, Uranus-Pluto governs terrorist events, Mercury is a truck while TNP Zeus is guns and ammunition. In addition, the asteroid Lacrimosa (death) and Siwa (destructive anger) conjoin and oppose apex Pluto.

So we can see that all the elements of the Capsolar T-square were primed and waiting for a trigger which of course was provided indirectly by the Mars Max and the Moon alignment with Mars and Saturn. But the “hour” hand too had its own trigger. Progressing the Capsolar to July 14, brings the T-square once again to an alignment with the meridian, thereby triggering it!

To complete the picture, we notice that on July 14, Mars which had stationed direct on June 30 forms an exact quincunx aspect with Uranus. A chart for the event once again has the Uranus-Pluto-Zeus T-square on the meridian at Nice. Here Mars is conjunct the stars of the Serpent and wild-beast Lupus – the feral savage level that lies beneath the veneer of civilization. Diana Rosenberg links this area with “terrorist attacks”.

[1] Racial tensions flaring across US may mark the “beginning of the end”


The progressed solar return  for the national chart of France[1] drawn for July 14, 2016 is shown below. Notice that once again, the Uranus-Pluto-TNP Zeus T-square straddles the meridian on that date.

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