Saturday, 9 July 2016

NATO Summit: Unity, but not unanimity

The NATO summit in Warsaw is a part of the nuclear "chicken game". Washington and the NATO Generals are trying to provoke Russia into an escalation of tensions, because certain circles in the US are becoming desperate over their diminishing power over the world. And they are really losing it. They see a military escalation as the only thing to save their control. The stationing of troops in Eastern Europe on the borders of Belarus and Russia is an extreme provocation - they are absolutely unnecessary for the security of Poland or the Baltic States. It's a very foolish move on the part of NATO.
Russia has made it clear that it is not the aggressor in this situation. Since Washington's coup d'├ętat in Kiev, NATO had their guns so close, trying everything possible to provoke Russia to make a so-called aggressive move. But Russia has not done that - and it is creating great frustration in Washington, especially in the military industry complex. They have to create fear for the American people of a new war with Russia, but it's not working. This is the remarkable thing. These are pathetic attempts at trying to hold onto power.

NATO leaders are meeting in Warsaw to show the alliance will stand firm against new threats, including a “resurgent Russia.” But low-key discord inside its ranks suggest some members’ willingness to confront Moscow is far from rock-solid. The 2016 NATO summit opened in the Polish capital on Friday, said to be of paramount importance to both the Atlantic and Europe facing uneasy post-Brexit negotiations and what the bloc calls a “resurgent” Russia.

The Sun and Pluto formed an exact opposition on Friday, July 8. A chart for the event drawn for Warsaw has the opposition placed very significantly on the meridian as part of a complex configuration. The Sun is placed among the stars of the Gemini Twins. Among other things, the Twins indicate solidarity and co-operation for a common purpose. In the image above they are shown not only hugging each other but also carrying weapons. This becomes a most elegant representation of NATO where members co-operate for war!

 Key phrases for the various elements of the planetary configuration as provided by Martha Wescott are given below:

Pluto-Zeus: to attempt to incite intense reactions; events in connection with the use of weaponry (and by association the army) to dominate, threaten or confront others.
Kronos-Pluto: events show that differences of opinion  or attempts to set procedures are actually power struggles or arise from resentments and a need to push others to their limits.
Kronos-Zeus: to see attempts to push leaders into precipitant action.
Admetus-Zeus: to become inured or insensible under the pressure of a compulsion, feeling driven or being coerced; to become stubborn and resist attempts to coerce – (the more someone says you have to, the more determined one becomes not to do it.)
Admetus-Pluto: to use avoidance to sidestep confrontations.

As we have always said, astrology is not about predictions. It only raises questions so that all the issues mentioned in delineation above are active at the NATO summit. And the final outcome depends on how the various players exercise their free will. If those countries that are against a war with the Russia can withstand the pressure (Admetus-Pluto-Zeus), the warmongers (USA and some others) may just go back empty handed.

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