Sunday, 10 July 2016

Racial tensions flaring across US may mark the “beginning of the end”

Tensions flared in cities across the country as protesters took over streets and highways Saturday, chanting “black lives matter” in the wake of two fatal officer-involved shootings this week in Louisiana and Minnesota.

So what is the source of these tensions and is it all just a one-off incident or something much deeper? To understand what follows we will take a little digression to illustrate the ideas with a simple experiment. Think of several multi-toothed gear wheels mounted on the same axis but rotating at different speeds – some very fast and others very slow. Now if an observer wishes to shine a ray of light to illuminate an object at the other end of the axis of the rotating wheels, he knows that this can only happen at the moment when all the gear tooth openings align. Obviously this moment is primarily decided by the movement of the slowest wheel and secondarily by the faster moving wheels. So also in astrology, the slowest moving wheels (e.g. transits of outer planets and progressions) are the ones that decide whether an important period has arrived. In a previous post, we explained that the current July 4 New Moon activating the long term Pluto transit opposite the US Sibly Sun is an important alignment of the slower and faster wheels which is aiming to destroy the US as we know it [1].

To the foregoing let us add the current progressions – another of the slower wheels. The table below gives the aspects the Sibly progressed Sun makes to planets and asteroids in the radix chart. Keywords for the asteroids and delineations for their combination are provided by Martha Wescott [2][3].


Sibly - Natal Chart
 4 Jul 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 39°N57'08'', 075°W09'51''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date                                    

Sun (3)        Tri                  Siwa (8)      (X)                 Sa-Na            17 Jun 2015                  
Sun (3)        Sqr                 Tisiph (6)   (X)                  Sa-Na            6 Aug 2015                     
Sun (3)        Sqr                 Asc (1)         (X)                Sa-Na          21 Feb 2017                  
Sun (3)        Qnx               Hopi (8)      (X)                  Sa-Na            19 Apr 2017                  
Sun (3)        SSq                Plu (2)         (X)                 Sa-Na            3 May 2017                    
Sun (3)        Sqq                Atropos (8)       (X)             Sa-Na          22 Dec 2017                 

*** END REPORT ***

Hopi-Tisiphone: Justice for minorities

Pluto-Hopi: Prejudice and oppression of minorities can cause deep resentment and can instill a desire for revenge.

Atropos-Siwa: Some situations may end with a bang – meaning that anger or rage marks “the end”. In this case, “the last straw”  can be an accumulation of anger. There may be a “self-destructive” quality to all this or people may want to ruin everything to show that it is over. There is a bit of the modern “scorched earth policy” in this as endings become linked with great devastation.

This appears to point to the fact that racial polarization may be one major factor contributing to the end [4].

[3] Delineate V2; Martha Lang Wescott

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