Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Baghdad suicide attack

According to INA News Agency, the death toll in Baghdad twin blasts has risen to 165 people. It has been reported earlier that at least 131 people were killed and hundreds more injured following the explosions.  The attack, which claimed the lives of many children and injured hundreds of people, occurred early on Sunday in central Baghdad's majority-Shiite Karrada district, the Al Jazeera news channel reported, citing its own sources. July 3, 2016

The use of the Sun’s ingresses  into sidereal “cardinal” constellations was popularized by Garth Allen, the brilliant American astrologer and amateur astronomer. He discovered that these charts, in a most astonishing and convincing way, accounted for most of the great calamaties that had occurred during their operation: earthquakes, explosions, fires, accidents, shipwrecks etc.

In this post we shall use the sidereal Aries Ingress of the Sun to explain the Baghdad bombing. Notice that the ingress chart has a powerful T-square on the angles. A conjunction of Mars-Saturn is in general an indicator of violence. But more specifically here, Mars is conjunct Antares, alpha Scorpion, the heart of the Scorpion about which Diana Rosenberg writes:

The Scorpion can be merciless: these stars were transited in 1305 when Scots rebel-hero William Wallace was hanged, drawn and quartered; in 1351 when Initial procedures for the Inquisition were set up by Pope Gregory IX; at the New Moon of Nov 1793, the month the “noyades” – mass drowning of citizens suspected of opposing the Revolution, began at Nantes; in 1863 at vicious, racist anti-draft riots in New York City; at the start of the 1937 Rape of Nanjing when Japanese troops brutally, bestially raped, tortured, horribly murdered soldiers and citizens; in 1983 an Islamic suicide terrorist drove an explosive laden truck into US Marine barracks in Beirut and many others.

If we now progress the chart to July 3, the T-square reaches an alignment with the meridian and is thereby triggered on that date giving rise to the Baghdad explosions.

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